, Arutz-7’s English news site, launched its new redesigned website Wednesday.

The new site promises faster-loading pages and fully integrated multi-media to provide readers with comprehensive print, audio and video coverage of the news in Israel.

In addition to utilizing cutting-edge technology and upgraded servers, the new site features several new and revamped features:

* The Israel Pictures section will feature several high-resolution photos of the natural beauty of the Land of Israel and the hidden side of everyday life here. The page can be set as one’s home page and the photos downloaded to serve as desktop wallpaper. Readers are invited to submit photos for consideration. 

* The Arutz-7 jukebox provides streaming music of dozens of genres and styles, from Israeli folk songs to hassidic niggunim.

* Israel National TV’s interface has been revamped to provide fast and easy streaming video of the day’s news with very little buffer time, particularly for high-speed Internet users.

* now hosts two new blogs in addition to the "Fundamentally Freund" blog, which features news analysis by Shavei Israel Director Michael Freund. Tzvi Fishman, a regular contributor of Torah and op-eds, will now maintain and contribute regularly to his "Hollywood to the Holy Land" blog. "Hopefully, we will laugh together, and pray together, and exchange ideas,” he writes. Some of Arutz-7’s top regular op-ed columnists have come together to man the “Back to Sanity” blog. “This is how we return to sanity - listen to good people," the blog boasts. “These are the world's best bloggers - and we've got 'em.”


Other Features

* The daily email, the day’s main news stories edited by Arutz-7’s senior staff, will continue to be available free of charge. It arrives during North American morning hours and remains one of our most popular features. Click here to subscribe.

* Israel National Radio continues to provide hard-hitting original programming, from news talk to human interest programs. INR now provides podcasting for all of its shows. Downloading shows to your MP3 is free.

* All aspects of the new are available via RSS (Real Simple Syndication). RSS feeds offer the opportunity to stay informed up-to-the-minute while saving time spent refreshing and revisiting web sites. Articles, broadcasts or updates appear in an easily downloaded RSS reader and can be sifted through easily to find news or features of interest.

* The site’s up-to-the-second news brief scroller is available for installation on outside web sites upon request. It is a new and lighter scroller than the one used until now. Over 100 websites have embellished their homepage by adding the Arutz Sheva news scroller to the site. When your readers click on a story, they do not leave your website; instead, a separate window opens up.

Syndication of Arutz-7's copyrighted material is also available. With the launching of the new site, all publications currently using material from are called upon to renew their agreement. IsraelNationalNews offers newspapers, magazines, and websites the opportunity to republish our unique content from the Biblical heartland. We believe that the current state of information saturation and mass-media leaves readers seeking first-hand news from the source.

There are still some bugs. Please let us know of any you find at [email protected]

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