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Hizbullah weapons storage rooms (in red) on the ground floor of a building with civilian shops in Sultaniyeh village.

A rocket launcher about 20 feet from a home in the village of Abassi
A van filled with missiles parked next to a mosque
An anti-aircraft unit next to private homes
Close-up of the mobile anti-aircraft unit
A Kornet missile launcher in a courtyard
Hibzullah infrastructure incorporated into the village of Maroun A-Ras
A bunker used by Hizbullah terrorists below a home
View inside the bunker
A Hizbullah structure built in the midst of a populated area and up against a mosque and cemetery
A weapons cache found next to a private home.
An arms warehouse in Qana built up against a mosque
Missiles found in a Hizbullah weapons cache
Anti-tank missiles in a storage room attached to a private home
Anti-tank missiles found in a car in Marwahin
A Katyusha missile is launched from a residential high-rise building
A survey of the ranges of the various missiles remaining in Hizbullah's possession
A map noting the number of missiles fired from each location in Lebanon
Translated target-sheets with trajectories targeting Israeli cities and communities, found at launch-sites
Shrapnel from missiles fired at northern Israeli towns and cities
A high-powered camera and other surveillance equipment found in use inside a Lebanese living room
A listening station located in a living room of a private home
An extensive observation center in a residential building
A Hizbullah frequency scanner found in a home used as a base for surveillance of IDF forces
Poster displaying Israeli military equipment for study by members of Hizbullah