Abbas (Abu Mazen), in a speech delivered in honor of the second anniversary of Arafat’s demise, promised that he would not relinquish the “Right of Return,” meaning the desired entitlement of Arabs who fled Israel in 1948, and their millions of descendants, to return to Israeli towns and cities.

"We won't give up on this issue," he said, promising terrorists imprisoned in Israel that there “Won't be peace even if just ten thousand Palestinians are still imprisoned in Israeli jails."

Tens of thousands of PA Arabs swarmed Arafat’s Ramallah grave site Saturday as the late PLO chief’s Fatah Party attempted to use the day to revive the foundering movement, which was trounced by the Islamist Hamas group in the last elections for the PA parliament.

The crowd held banners picturing Arafat and marched toward the Mukata compound inside which Arafat spent his final years.

PA reports say this year’s ceremony was much larger than last year's, which came just ahead of Fatah’s loss to Hamas.

Renewed Accusations of Foul Play

Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad accused the Israeli government of poisoning Arafat, in his address on behalf of the Hamas government at the memorial. He said the Hamas-led PA government demands that the file concerning the PLO chairman’s death be reopened.

Hamad theorizes that Arafat was killed after he had made significant progress in his negotiations with Israel. "He paid for his national principles, for his refusal to make concessions in regard to the rights of the Palestinian people, with his life," Hamad told Al-Jazeera. “The poisoning of Arafat by Israel, in spite of his negotiations with them, is proof that Israel is not looking for peace, rather they look to subject Palestinians [sic], make wars and spread destruction."

Hamad said that the memorial reminds Palestinians that they must not settle for less than a state with Jerusalem as its capital, a return of all Arab refugees and the release of all imprisoned terrorists.

The Palestine News Network ran a special “exclusive” article in honor of the memorial quoting several anonymous sources that all “concur that then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon telephoned US President Bush and asked for help in terminating President Arafat's life.

“Although the specifics are unclear,” the site reports, “what is held as a certainty to many is that the President consumed poison through his food or drink, as was the newly sited [sic] agreement between Sharon and Bush. But it cannot be ruled out that our President died as human beings do, because he was old or because he was ill. What is clear is that being held under siege, with the Israeli government making clear President Arafat would be killed if he left, contributed in some way to his death.”

The report explains that Jordanian private doctor Ashraf Kurdi, who accompanied Arafat to a hospital in France, issued a statement saying, “President Arafat experiences an unprecedented feeling of fatigue and poor digestion, and loss of weight and appetite.” The report goes on to quote the doctor claiming these symptoms may be the result of a slow acting poison administered over time.

Others, however, have pointed out that Arafat’s symptoms match that of someone suffering from AIDS.