Over the past few weeks and months, 20 activist Jews from various outpost neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria have received orders keeping them out of the entire region. The orders are for between three and six months. Some of the men have families with up to five children, and some have no relatives outside Yesha.

The expelled residents and many of their neighbors feel that the government is merely trying to pave the way for the destruction of the outposts and neighborhoods in which they live.

(See below for details of the demonstration.)

Among the 20 is Elad Keller, aged 19, who lives in Maon with his parents. He was violently arrested this week - receiving bruises on his neck and above his eye - after he refused to adhere to the orders throwing him out of his home.

As Elad explained in court today, "A group of policemen came into my house one morning suddenly, telling me I have to leave Yesha. I asked why, and they said, 'Because.'"

"Two days ago," Elad continued, "I was in court, and I heard the judge give the decision that can be released if I deposit 2,500 shekels. But I have no place to go! I did not even try to raise the money, because my family lives in Yesha and I have no place outside Yesha to live! If the other alternative is for me to sit in jail, then I'll sit in jail."

Keller added, "I would like someone to explain to me why I'm considered dangerous... Is this a democratic state?" The Jerusalem Magistrates Court judge said he had no choice but to send Elad back to jail. He will be brought before a judge again on Sunday.

The Honenu Civil Rights organization has represented him in court until now, but Elad said, "It's no longer a judicial issue; all the points have been made," and says he will speak on his own behalf from now on. Honenu representatives continue to accompany him to court, encouraging and advising him.

Among the others who have been served with unexplained administrative orders keeping them out of their homes are fathers of five children, and more. The following list is based on one that is currently making the rounds of the internet and email, but with necessary corrections:

Distanced for a full year from Judea and Samaria, four months ago:

* Boaz Albert, married + 5, a resident of Hilltop 725 in Yitzhar. With his family living in Yitzhar, he has not yet found a permanent solution.

* Yehoyariv Meguri, married + 1, a resident of the young Ronen neighborhood in Brachah. Currently living in the north.

Distanced for a half year from Judea and Samaria: * Neriah Ofan, married + 5, a resident of the Lehavah outpost (where live ten families) in Yitzhar. Currently in Jerusalem.

* Eran Schwartz , married + 1, a resident of the Lehava outpost in Yitzhar. Currently in Jerusalem.

* Noam Mordechai, a student at Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai. He has no place to go, as his parents live in the Yesha town of Beit El. Recently became engaged.

* Elyashiv Gelbard, single, a student at Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai. He is under house arrest in Elon Moreh.

* Meir Brettler, married + 1, living in Havat Yishuv HaDaat, also known as the Bayit HaAdom (Red House).

* Baruch Sariel, 20, from Elon Moreh. In a contradictory situation: He is restricted to Elon Moreh in the Shomron, and is also distanced from Judea and Samaria.

* Yehudah Meir, single, a student at Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai, became engaged two days ago to Baruch Marzel's daughter.

* Uriah Cohen, single, a student at Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai. He has no place to go, as his parents live in the Yesha town of Karnei Shomron.

* Raz Hen, single, a student at Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai.

* Hillel Shalom, single, a student of Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai. He has no place to go, as his parents live in the Yesha town of Elon Moreh.

* Yehudah Goldberg, 18, of Tapuah. The police tried to arrest him on Tuesday in Tapuah.

* Chanan Herbst, a newlywed from Yitzhar, currently in Jerusalem.

* Ariel Gruner, married + 1, under house arrest in the Jordan Valley community of Rotem for another six weeks.

Distanced for three months from Judea and Samaria - they returned home this week:

* Shlomo Meir, married + 1, a resident of the Ronen hilltop in Brachah

* Idan Melul, single, a student in the Od Yosef Chai yeshivah

In addition, Hanokh Albert, married + 3, a resident of Ahiyah near Shilo, was under extended house arrest at the home of his wife’s parents. He returned home this week.

Honenu chairman Shmuel Medad said that three men were arrested on Sunday on charges of having set fire to an army officer's car after the Amona violence - and were released three days later without any restrictions. "This means that they were arrested without any evidence, just for nothing," Medad said bitterly. The three are a father of five and two newlyweds.

Medad said that the public can have a major say in having these orders revoked:
"If everyone would send a fax to Gen. Naveh, simply asking him to revoke the orders he signed, this could be very effective. In addition, certainly Prime Minister Olmert and Defense Minister Peretz are also involved in the decision. If people would also like to fax us a copy for publication - please specify whether you wish your name to be used - this could be of great help as well."

Fax numbers:

Gen. Naveh: 08-8680240; from abroad, the number is country code 972, followed by 8868-0240

Defense Minister Peretz: 02-649-6545, or 972-2649-6545

Prime Minister Olmert: 02-670-5475, or 972-2670-5475

The Honenu fax number is 0508-966-047, or 972-508-966-047 from abroad.

The protest on Sunday will be held at 6 PM, on Rabbi Yehudah Halevi Street in Givat Shmuel (near Bar Ilan University), opposite the home of Gen. Ya'ir Naveh, who signed the orders. The rally is being organized by many groups, including the Land of Israel Loyalists, Land of Israel Youth, Komemiyut, Mateh HaTzafon, Women in Green, Meginei Eretz, Gamla Will Not Fall Again - and the families of the expelled citizens.

Another young man arrested in connection with the events at Amona is Aryeh Tessler, 18, from Jerusalem. A student at the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva, he is currently in the Shikmah Prison in Ashkelon. Friends say he would appreciate letters of support. Aryeh's current address:

Aryeh Tessler

Shikmah Prison

P.O.B. 17

Ezor Taasiyah Tzfoni, Ashkelon.