Hamas officials read aloud the official government declaration, which accused the Americans of effecting a "Crusader" killing of the Al-Qaeda leader on Islamic homeland territory.

In Khan Yunis, near what was once Gush Katif in southern Gaza, young PA Arabs demanded revenge for the killing of Al-Zarqawi. Holding aloft signs with his picture, they demanded terrorist attacks to promote the "justice" for which they claimed Al-Zarqawi fought.

A Qatari newspaper quoted a "Palestinian," Hisham Abu Subhi, as saying, "I am extremely sad. No real Muslim will be happy hearing of his death. He was fighting the Americans and laid down his life for Islam."

"The Hamas solidarity with Al-Zarqawi is not surprising," reports Arutz-7's Dalit HaLevy. "In addition to ideological similarities, Hamas conducts ties with suspected terrorist affiliates of Al-Qaeda."

On March 26, for instance, Hamas senior Muhammad Siam met near the Pakistani-Afghani border with Sayad Salah A-Din, the head of the Hazb Al-Mujahedin terror group in Kashmir, which ran training camps in Afghanistan and which is suspected of having ties with Al-Qaeda. HaLevy reports that Siam heads a group that supports all-out war against "infidels" and has issued a blanket religious dispensation for suicide attacks against Israelis.