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      Bitter Sweet

      Pesach, Passover, is a special holiday. The redemption of our people, Am Yisrael, some 3,500 years ago. It serves as the...

      From Hijab to Jihad

      Did Minneapolis"s democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges not get it? This was no game, not dress-up playtime or Carnival. Then I wondered...

      "Too Jewish" in Jerusalem

      I know it is not hard news, but it happened to me just yesterday.
      I carefully thought out my preparations for the experience...

      Marching On

      As the Israel Day Parade approaches in NYC, there is a lot of neck hair standing regarding the inclusion of groups that support...

      Pollard: Obama's Jewish Bargaining Chip

      Rumor has it that Jonathan Pollard is now in play as a bargaining chip: with his release set before Passover, the holiday...

      Graffiti Art - Israel Welcomes It, Arabs Refuse Entry

      In this video, Israel welcomes a master graffiti artist while the Palestinian Authority refuses to grant him entry.

      Every Day is a Memory

      Every Day is a Memory
      Yehudit Tayar
      This is the time of the year when our Nation collectively "remembers"....

      Did Jabotinsky Possess Two Swords?

      I read this here at Arutz Sheva
      A historic sword belonging to the Zionist leader Zev Jabotinsky was presented to the...

      Slaughter House of Human Meat

      WARNING: This blog contains extremely graphic material!
      According to Walid Shoebat, there is a Christian holocaust going...

      John Kerry brings the American dream to Israel

      US Secretary of State John Kerry continues to prepare his "framework" for peace. Thanks to Leftists in Israel, whatever...

      Jews Boycotting Jews

      My dear friend Gamlieli from the Pri Hagefen blog asked me to address a painful subject - Jews boycotting Jews. He told me...

      Take it off for Zionism, I don't think so!

      A few weeks ago, I wrote a response to a provocative pro-Israel OpEd that was published on an anti-Zionist website. After...

      The J Street Paradigm:Methods, Means,& Modes of Suicide

      Historical Contexts: Brewing a Deadly Potion
      Violins and Gas Chambers
      In 1892, cofounder of the World Zionist Organization...

      Kerry not alone in delegitimizing the Bible

      Aliyah Magazine is the voice of the Aliyah Community, and right now, it needs to be better heard!
      I treat with utter...

      A Spiritual Journey: From Rio to Uman

      Devorah Mei Snidecor is the author of "From Rio to Uman" an amazing life story of Divine Providence. I spoke with Devorah...