ט' בסיון תשע"ח / Wednesday, May. 23 '18

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  1. Uproar in the Knesset: 'Liar, beast'
  2. A Prisoner in Her Own Body
  3. Sweden prepares for war - but against whom?
  4. French premier nixes Israel visit
  5. 'I ran outside and saw my son in a tub'
  6. German priest dons Muslim headscarf protesting AfD party
  7. DM: We destroyed another terror tunnel
  8. Watch: Israeli mother answers anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour

1. Uproar in the Knesset: 'Liar, beast'

by Arutz Sheva Staff

The Knesset plenum rejected the proposal of MK Issawi Frej (Meretz) to establish a parliamentary committee to investigate alleged police brutality during Arab protests in Haifa over the weekend.

During the deliberations, an uproar broke out in the plenum when MK Frej quoted a police officer who used crude language. Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan responded by saying: "You can be a beast from the stage."

MK Frej replied: "If I am an animal, you lead a herd of animals. You are only busy with how to promote lies. Instead of protecting the public you fight them, your job is to fight crime, not the Arab public. You say I beast? Look at yourself in the mirror. You liar. You invented the lie. You are a poor minister."


"The State Comptroller's report said that there is a structural and systemic failure by the police and the Department for the Investigation of Police, and that there is a dramatic drop in the number of charges [against police who abuse their power]. The dangerous policy that you are leading will reach each of us. It stinks and permeates all other problems. Once there is racism, violence is legitimized. The nationality law is beginning to seep in," Frej added.

Internal Security Minister Erdan said afterwards: "A Knesset member who uses words so crude and contemptuous of parliament takes into account that this is what he wants to provoke."

"Regarding the demonstrations, some of them did not apply for a permit, and the police did not receive any preliminary information about the intention to block roads. The police told me that during some of the demonstrations, a large number of demonstrators rioted, blocked main traffic arteries, shouted abuse and even used violence, causing damage to private property and endangering human life. The violent behavior of the demonstrators was documented. Several demonstrators were arrested and the police are currently working with the State Prosecutor's Office to formulate indictments.

"The Israel Police is primarily responsible for public safety and security. While, of course, freedom of speech and protest must be guaranteed, even if it is in support of a terrorist organization, these rights must be balanced with the public interest and ensure that in the name of the right to demonstrate, no other protected rights to security of life and property are infringed.

According to Erdan, "This is no reason to lash out at all the work of the Israel Police, so I do not understand how MK Frej says on the one hand that he is not biased, and on the other hand reads a headline from the newspaper of one policeman and that is what reflects the Israel Police."

2. A Prisoner in Her Own Body

Rabbi Meir Hacker, Jerusalem father of 4, has volunteered with the ZAKA organization for over 20 years. In that time he has seen countless tragedies. However this time, in a shocking turn of events which has unfurled over the last year, the tragedy is his own.

The family became alarmed when his wife Chana began having fainting spells some months ago. The spells became more and more frequent, as Chana’s brain lost the ability to control her physical movements. At this time she is almost completely paralyzed. Having spent extended periods in the hospital, doctors have been stunned and confounded by her condition. Though it is clear that the problem is neurological, Israel’s top doctors have been unable to come to a diagnosis.

The family was faced with the words no hospitalized individual want to hear:

“We can’t help you.”

The doctors have advised that the Hacker family fly as soon as possible to the United States, to continue testing and alternative treatments with American specialists. Chana’s condition continues to deteriorate, and Rabbi Hacker has begun his mission to save her life.

Hoping to fly his wife to America, and explore their options, the family has started an emergency fund. A moving video on the campaign page shows Rabbi Hacker, clearly uncomfortable with his sudden need to ask for charity:

“I want to tell you I am a person who has worked all my life,” he says, “to earn a living and to provide for my family with dignity.”

After years of providing for his own family, and of rescuing the sick and suffering of klal yisroel, now it is Rabbi Hacker’s turn to ask for help. Though it pains him to do so, it is his wife’s only chance.



3. Sweden prepares for war - but against whom?

by Mordechai Sones

The Swedish government has begun distributing to all 4.8 million of the country’s households a public service leaflet advising for the first time in more than half a century what to do in the event of war, reported the Guardian.

If Crisis or War Comes explains how to secure basic needs such as food, water, and heat, what warning signals mean, where to find bomb shelters, and how to contribute to Sweden’s “total defense”.

The pamphlet can be read in English here.

“Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are still threats to our security and independence,” the pamphlet reveals. “If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country to cope with a major strain.”

The Guardian notes that "publication comes as the debate on security – and the possibility of joining NATO – has intensified in Sweden in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and recent incursions into Swedish airspace and territorial waters by Russian planes and submarines."

The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS author Richard Spencer doubts Sweden fears Russian invasion, calling it "much more likely that Swedish authorities are preparing their people for the civil war that is likely to come as a result of their reckless, feckless, suicidal immigration policies."

Indeed, countries adjacent to Sweden are reportedly in danger from its inability to contain its own de facto Muslim Autonomous Regions (MARs), as some regions of the country have been inundated with pro-Sharia migrants. Thousands of jihadis roam the country, prompting analysts to conclude that NATO will at some point have no choice but to respond to the threat posed by Sweden towards its member states.

"Sweden is in a state of collapse," writes Danish psychologist and political analyst Nicolai Sennels. "Dozens of areas are now under Islamist control, which leaves locals in the hands of violent sharia patrols. According to the Swedish police, thousands of Islamic State sympathizers are on the loose, endangering not only native Swedes, but also neighboring countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Finland—the first two of them being NATO members.

"The Swedish state has shown no genuine determination to contain the problem. Nor do they have the capacity to do so, even should they decide to act. After a century of pacifism and quasi-neutrality, the traditionally Feminist country’s military is so small that it would barely be able to defend the capital of Stockholm, should the Islamist controlled suburbs surrounding it decide to attack."


4. French premier nixes Israel visit

by David Rosenberg

France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe cancelled a planned trip to Israel Wednesday, just days ahead of the visit.

Philippe was scheduled to fly to Israel next Thursday for a two-day visit to the Jewish state.

According to a spokesperson from the premier’s office, the cancellation was caused by “domestic agenda reasons” which will demand the Prime Minister’s attention over the next few days.

Some Israeli government officials believe, however, that the cancellation was in fact a response to Israel’s use of force to protect its border with Gaza in the face of mass-infiltration attempts led by the Hamas terror organization, Yediot Ahronot reported.

More than 110 rioters and terrorists have been killed since the rioting began on the Israel-Gaza border on March 30th.

France had previously demanded that Israel exercise “restraint” in defending the border with Gaza, and using “strictly proportional” force against rioters and terrorists on the border.

"France calls again for Israeli authorities to act with caution and restraint in the use of force, which must be strictly proportional," French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.

5. 'I ran outside and saw my son in a tub'

by Arutz Sheva Staff

Hila Iluz, the mother of 1-year-old drowning victim David Yosef Iluz, spoke on Wednesday to Radio 103FM about her son's death.

The toddler was originally pulled from a tub of water in critical condition, but medical staff were later forced to declare him dead.

Hila, 35, said, "We live in a private house. We have dogs, and outside, there's a tub that they use for drinking. David Yosef loved water. He walked onto the porch when we were all at home, went up to the tub, and tried to reach the water. Because at this age most of the weight is in the child's head, he fell in and couldn't get out."

"Usually he's always beside me. There were 2-3 minutes when we went to do something and the door was a bit ajar. When I walked outside I didn't see him. I ran out straight away and found him there. I immediately took him to the other side of the house to find someone to help me. I didn't have the energy to scream. Within a few seconds people came and tried to help, and they called for help. I just didn't know what to do."

Hila also said that her sister volunteers with United Hatzalah.

"My sister Chani lives one street below me, and she's in United Hatzalah," Hila explained. "She and other United Hatzalah volunteers started helping and they did not give up until the last second. During their CPR, his breathing and heartbeat returned a few times, and it looked like he was coming back."

She also noted that she has three daughters, ages 10, 6.5, and 4.5, and that they were all home when her son drowned.

"Unfortunately, they saw everything that happened at the time," she said. "They went through a trauma, they were very connected to him. They miss him, our house is empty. They are being helped by professionals, but there is still an empty space that can't be filled. No matter how many people surround us, the loss of David Yosef will be a lack that cannot be filled."

The police did not interrogate them, she said.

"Everyone who came, came to sit with us and cry. Everyone who knows me, knows that my children are my entire world and are what's most important to me in the entire world."

Hila also thanked United Hatzalah, and said that the organization would open a course on how to save toddlers from similar situations in the future. The course, she said, would be named after her son. She also noted that the family is in contact with "very great rabbis, who help us strengthen our faith."

"At the end of the day, G-d is the one who runs the world," she said. "We need to give thanks for the bad as well, not just for the good."

6. German priest dons Muslim headscarf protesting AfD party

by Mordechai Sones

Wolfgang Sedlmeir, priest of Our-Lady of Aalen in Germany, protested remarks by Alternative for Germany (AfD) party leader Alice Weidel on the Islamic veil by wearing one during his Pentecostal sermon, reports Voice of Europe.

“I can tell you that burqas, headscarf girls, and men armed with knives living on welfare, will not assure our prosperity nor our economical growth and even less our welfare state,” Weidel said during a debate in German parliament.

Alice Weidel of the Anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD)
צילום: Reuters

Sedlmeier, protesting what he called “offensive and condescendent [sic] remarks”, wore an Islamic veil during his sermon and was met with applause by his parishioners.

“Anyone who discriminate against people who follow their faith and hose [sic] to cover their heads, is going against human dignity and the Pentecostal spirit,” explained Sedlmeier.

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer commented that "Sedlmeier’s virtue is amply signaled," wondering whether "the sharp increase in rape and other crimes [is] because of Muslim migrants? Noticing such matters is also 'racism'. Noticing that some Muslim women have been brutalized and even murdered for not wearing the hijab Sedlmeier cheerfully donned? Also 'racism'.

"Pope Francis is likely to give Sedlmeier a red hat for this," Spencer added.

Pea-sized brain

7. DM: We destroyed another terror tunnel

by Elad Benari

IAF aircraft on Tuesday night struck underground Hamas terror infrastructure in northern Gaza, as well as two additional military targets that belong to the terror organization's naval force, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

“The strikes were in response to the event that took place yesterday morning, when a number of terrorists infiltrated Israel and set a military post on fire,” said the statement.

“Additionally, the strikes were carried out in response to the ongoing attempts to dispatch drones and kites, with the intention of conducting terrorist activity and setting Israeli territory on fire.”

The statement noted that the IDF “views these continued attempts with great severity, specifically Hamas’ daily attempts to damage Israeli security infrastructure and threats to the safety of Israeli civilians. The IDF is determined to fulfil its mission to protect Israeli civilians. The Hamas terror organization is accountable for all threats originating from the Gaza Strip, above and below ground, and will bear the consequences for its actions against Israeli civilians and Israeli sovereignty.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) tweeted Wednesday morning, "Last night, the IDF destroyed another terror tunnel belonging to the Hamas terror organization."

"The attempts to attack Israel from the air, via the border fence, and underground will be blocked by an iron wall and by the IDF's might. It would be well if the Hamas leaders understood that their military project is a failure, and invest their resources in bettering the lives of Gaza's citizens."

Palestinian Arab media reported earlier that the IDF attacked two naval police installations in Gaza.

According to the reports, explosions were heard west of Gaza City and a fire broke out.

Some of the reports said that the facilities were attacked with three missiles, one from the water and two from the shore.

On Tuesday morning, a number of suspects infiltrated Israel from Gaza and set a military post on fire.

In response, an IDF tank targeted a Hamas observation post in southern Gaza. No injuries were reported.

The Al-Jazeera network later on Tuesday published a video showing the infiltration by the Palestinian Arab terrorists, who had crossed the border fence south of Kissufim.

8. Watch: Israeli mother answers anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour

by Arutz Sheva Staff


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