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Fired inauguration announcer gets new job for January 20

Former inauguration announcer fired by Trump gets new job with Washington, D.C.'s NBC4.Chana Roberts Today, 11:42 AM

Trump's swearing-in: The most expensive in history

About $90 million was raised for this weekend's festivities. Obama's inaugural festivities cost, by comparison, $55 million.Guy Cohen Yesterday, 2:41 PM

Former inauguration announcer: It was the shock of my life

Former inauguration announcer responds to Trump's announcement, says he doesn't wish replacement any ill.Arutz Sheva Staff Saturday, 10:19 PM

Trump fires legendary inauguration announcer

Longtime inauguration announcer Charlie Brotman talks with CNN -- and says he thought he'd "commit suicide" after being dumpedChana Roberts Saturday, 6:35 PM

Russia claims to have 'sensitive information' on Trump

US intelligence presents Obama and Trump with classified report claiming Russia has 'compromising information' about the President-elect.Chana Roberts Wednesday, 10:32 AM

Clinton won't run for NYC mayor

Confidante denies Hillary Clinton may run for NYC mayor, says 2016 was Clinton's 'last campaign.'Chana Roberts Monday, 10:18 AM

Trump slams 'stupid' people who don't want good ties with Russia

Trump responds to Obama's Russia sanctions, says 'only fools' would think good US-Russia relationship is bad.Chana Roberts 1/7/2017, 6:33 PM


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