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More Treachery: US Spied on Japanese Government - News
t has been spying on Japanese cabinet officials, banks and top companies, according to documents revealed by Wikileaks, in the latest of a series of shocking es
(Av 15, 5775, 7/31/2015)
Jewish Democrat Says He Will Support Iran Deal - News
gan a sharp grilling of three cabinet secretaries sent to Capitol Hill for the second time by President Barack Obama to defend the agreement, the report said. W
(Av 13, 5775, 7/29/2015)
'No Inspections': Iran to Test its Own Covert Nuclear Sites - News
also a member of the Security Cabinet was likewise quoted on condition of anonymity in the report responding to the self-testing issue. "In this deal and its an
(Av 8, 5775, 7/24/2015)
Turkey on the Brink? - News
ter Bulent Arinc said after a cabinet meeting late Tuesday that the government had discussed an "integrated system" to secure the frontier with Syria. Turkish m
(Av 7, 5775, 7/23/2015)
Turkey Identifies Suspect in Suicide Bombing on Syria Border - News
partners as lax. He said the cabinet would discuss Wednesday an "action plan" on border security and the government would then take the "necessary measures". T
(Av 6, 5775, 7/22/2015)
Cabinet Advances Law Allowing Ministers to Resign as MKs - News
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's cabinet approved on Sunday a bill that allows one minister or deputy minister from each party to resign from the Knesset - paving
(Av 3, 5775, 7/19/2015)
Haredi Split? United Torah Judaism In-Fighting Turns Spiteful - News
attempted Sunday to prevent a Cabinet discussion on Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's Norwegian Law bill. Should the bill pass, it would allow Deputy Health Mini
(Av 3, 5775, 7/19/2015)
Netanyahu Blasts Open Iranian Defiance After Nuclear Deal - News
opening remarks to his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday. "If anyone thought that the far-reaching concessions to Iran will change its policy, they received an over
(Av 3, 5775, 7/19/2015)
'Their Hatred For Us Bends the Nations' Views' - News
. "The prime minister and the Cabinet ministers should know that our return to Israel means settling the land and applying sovereignty over all of the Land of I
(Av 2, 5775, 7/18/2015)
55 Million Shekels Set Aside for Bridge to Jordan - News
Late last month the Security Cabinet adopted a proposal of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to build a 30-kilometer (over 18-mile) long security barrier on th
(Tammuz 29, 5775, 7/16/2015)
Livni Rules Out Zionist Union Joining Coalition - News
assessments delivered to the Cabinet following the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran. Livni told Kol Yisrael public radio that she has spoken with Herzo
(Tammuz 29, 5775, 7/16/2015)
'Zionist Union Is About to Enter the Coalition' - News
ere presented to the Security Cabinet regarding the military implications of the nuclear deal with Iran. Herzog reportedly said at the meeting that he also see
(Tammuz 28, 5775, 7/15/2015)
Netanyahu: The World Gambled on Our Common Future - News
gency session of the Security Cabinet, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu defended his record even as he blasted the Iran nuclear deal signed Tuesday between wor
(Tammuz 28, 5775, 7/15/2015)
Netanyahu and Herzog Agree on United Front with Regards to Iran - News
at were given at the Security Cabinet regarding the security significance of the nuclear agreement. MK Herzog reiterated his remarks made earlier on Tuesday aft
(Tammuz 28, 5775, 7/15/2015)
Netanyahu: Israel Not Bound By Iran Deal, Will Defend Itself - News
tart of an emergency security cabinet meeting he convened following news of the deal, which was officially announced Tuesday morning. World powers have "gambled
(Tammuz 27, 5775, 7/14/2015)