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Watch: US Congressman Harassed By Islamists on Temple Mount - News
ith Prime Minister Netanyahu, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Knesset, as well as members of the security community. Apart from his tour of Jerusalem and the T
(Adar 6, 5775, 2/25/2015)
Lapid: Housing Crisis Caused by Netanyahu - News
er. Until we set up a housing cabinet - in mid-2013 - Netanyahu never even made an effort to increase supply and lower prices. Until we carried out a national p
(Adar 6, 5775, 2/25/2015)
Turkey Blames UK for Passage of Female ISIS Recruits - News
reporters late Monday after a cabinet meeting the UK was at fault. "It is a reprehensible act for Britain, a country famous for its Scotland Yard, to let the th
(Adar 5, 5775, 2/24/2015)
'Lapid Provided Zero Solutions, Only Newspaper Headlines' - News
and leadership of the housing cabinet. It was in his hands," Kahlon wrote on his Facebook page. "[Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu was wrong to let an inexper
(Adar 4, 5775, 2/23/2015)
Netanyahu, Lapid Snipe At Each Other Over Housing Costs - News
Lapid was head of the Housing Cabinet and was placed in charge of it specifically to develop ways to lower costs. Lapid was opposed to numerous ideas, such as t
(Adar 3, 5775, 2/22/2015)
UK Worries How to Stop Teenage Girls Joining ISIS in Syria - News
Britain's first female Muslim Cabinet minister who resigned last year over the government's refusal to condemn Israel's counter-terrorism operations in Gaza, wa
(Adar 3, 5775, 2/22/2015)
Iran Opening a 'Third Front' against Israel, PM Warns - News
ng at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday morning, Netanyahu said that "first and foremost" among the various security threats facing Israel is "Iran
(Adar 3, 5775, 2/22/2015)
Officials Deny Reports that White House Will Boycott AIPAC - News
ignaling for some time that a Cabinet-level guest may not coming. Instead, reported AP, the administration is toying with the idea of sending newly installed De
(Adar 3, 5775, 2/22/2015)
Argentina: More Than 400,000 Demand Justice for Nisman - News
ction, left the city with her cabinet ahead of the march, delivering a speech from the city of Zarate after inaugurating a nuclear power plant. Her government s
(Shevat 30, 5775, 2/19/2015)
Protest March Ups Pressure in Argentina Over Nisman's Death - News
st conflict. Kirchner and her cabinet were leaving the city ahead of the march for a ceremony highlighting the expansion of a nuclear power plant, Atucha II, in
(Shevat 29, 5775, 2/18/2015)
Biton Family: Adelle Will be Buried in Her Hometown - News
uesday evening and spoke with Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit, demanding that the office get involved on the matter. "It cannot be that a girl who turned i
(Shevat 29, 5775, 2/18/2015)