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Nationalist MKs Praise Netanyahu's UN Speech - News
ng the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to move from words to actions!" "Mahmoud Abbas should know that continuing the war of slander and attacks against Israel i
(Tishrei 6, 5775, 9/30/2014)
Ya'alon: 80% of Hamas's Rocket Arsenal Destroyed in Gaza Op. - News
that he convened the security cabinet several times over the course of the operation, in light of reports circulating that government ministers were skirting th
(Tishrei 5, 5775, 9/29/2014)
Jordan: We've Secured Our Borders Against Any Threat - News
ssein al-Majali, briefing the cabinet, said security in the kingdom and at its borders was "good and stable. There is no real direct threat for Jordan." Jordan
(Tishrei 5, 5775, 9/29/2014)
Erdogan: Turkey Can't Stay Out of Fight Against IS - News
ecdet Ozel, will speak to the cabinet on Tuesday, Davutoglu added. Parliament will then debate the mandates on Thursday, paving the way for military action, alt
(Tishrei 5, 5775, 9/29/2014)
The Israeli Response to Mahmoud Abbas' Political 'Bomb' - Blogs
actions to be debated in the Cabinet.While much was written during Operation Protective Edge about the need to restore Israel"s military deterrence, the real p
(Elul 29, 5774, 9/24/2014)
Ya'alon: Hamas Took Advantage of Political Turmoil During War - News
t the conduct of the security cabinet during Operation Protective Edge on Wednesday, noting that the Cabinet's infighting likely prolonged the war. "After two w
(Elul 29, 5774, 9/24/2014)
Israel Launches National Cyber-Defense Authority - News
a team within 60 days, under Cabinet supervision, to begin the National Cyber Authority for a multi-year contract between defense experts and the government. I
(Elul 26, 5774, 9/21/2014)
Vote on Keeping Gush Etzion Inside Security Fence Postponed - News
the agenda during his Sunday Cabinet meeting, amidst controversy over the decision to erect the fence despite considerable opposition. Plans to build a securit
(Elul 26, 5774, 9/21/2014)
Regional Head Slams Plans for Bedouin Town on Jewish Land - News
ters and the Secretary of the Cabinet, and no one seems to know about this plan this is outrageous and cannot be explained." Elhayani stated that the new town,
(Elul 26, 5774, 9/21/2014)
Flight Ban Instituted After Islamists Clash in Yemen - News
hold emergency talks with top cabinet members. [youtube:195488] The flight ban may also be a response to an escalation in fighting in Yemen's southern regions,
(Elul 24, 5774, 9/19/2014)
Why Did the Government Dally on the Terror Tunnel Threat? - News
e the government and Security Cabinet's decisions during Operation Protective Edge - with a special emphasis on readiness for Hamas's terror tunnels. In a commi
(Elul 22, 5774, 9/17/2014)
Yaalon is 'Lying' and 'Brutalizing Ex-IDF Chief Rabbi' - News
vely challenge Ya'alon in the Cabinet and demand an operation against the Hamas terror tunnels. Bennett said that he received his information from his extensive
(Elul 22, 5774, 9/17/2014)
Ex-Shin Bet Head Supports Bennett in Tunnel Flap - News
l representatives in Security Cabinet discussions during the war. Diskin explained on his Facebook page that over the years, Security Cabinet sessions have bec
(Elul 22, 5774, 9/17/2014)