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Ya'alon Slammed For Bennett Squabble Amid Gaza Mortar Fire - News
ack top IDF brass in Security Cabinet meetings. While Ronski was identified in reports as being the suspected source of the leaks who was later dismissed, he to
(Elul 21, 5774, 9/16/2014)
IDF Inquiry: Who Leaked Information to Bennett? - News
the top IDF brass in Security Cabinet meetings. According to a report on Channel Two, former IDF Chief Rabbi Brig. Gen. (res.) Rabbi Avichai Ronski is the offic
(Elul 21, 5774, 9/16/2014)
Netanyahu Snubs Ex-Ally Saar - News
him a member of the Security Cabinet. Saar came out against the government's policy in Protective Edge and demanded that the entire cabinet be convened to dis
(Elul 20, 5774, 9/15/2014)
5,000 Palestinian Workers approved by the Socioeconomic Cabinet - News
The Socioeconomic Cabinet approved on Sunday Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel's proposal to increase by 5,000 the quota of permits for Palestinian co
(Elul 19, 5774, 9/14/2014)
Is Lapid Trying to Dismantle the Coalition? - News
The cabinet meeting planned for today (Sunday) was cancelled by the Cabinet Secretariat. The purpose of the delay, they explained, was to allow Prime Minister N
(Elul 19, 5774, 9/14/2014)
Mashaal: No Direct Talks with the 'Occupier' - News
coastal enclave and urged the cabinet to be present. "We welcome the government of national unity to work in Gaza, to take charge of crossing points and assume
(Elul 18, 5774, 9/13/2014)
'Model Farms' to Feature Shemitta in Action - News
during the weekly government cabinet meeting. The Torah commandment to leave fields fallow for one year every seven years involves many complicated Halakhic (J
(Elul 13, 5774, 9/8/2014)
Leaders of South Say Renewed Tunnel Digging Means War - News
te opposition in the Security Cabinet. Polls after the ceasefire found 54% of the public opposed it, and further found Netanyahu's approval had sunk from 82% at
(Elul 13, 5774, 9/8/2014)
Fatah Calls on World to Cancel IDF Dual Citizenship - News
ntral Committee and former PA cabinet minister, stated there was no logic to Israeli soldiers who "attack the Palestinian nation" being allowed to keep dual cit
(Elul 10, 5774, 9/5/2014)
Top Adviser to Canada's Liberals Under Fire for Israel Comments - News
ted that two ministers in the cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a staunch supporter of Israel who continued to stand up for the Jewish state du
(Elul 9, 5774, 9/4/2014)
Israel, Jordan Sign $15 Billion Natural Gas Deal - News
ay. According to the Egyptian Cabinet Information Centre (IDSC), Egypt"s natural gas production shrank in December 2013 to 3.3 million tons - down 11.8 percent
(Elul 8, 5774, 9/3/2014)
Ex-IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi To Be Tried - News
Advocate General and current Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit, saying he had the forged document in his possession and hadn't reported it, even though he k
(Elul 7, 5774, 9/2/2014)
Lapid Calls State Land Declaration 'Opportunism' - News
sm and was not brought to the Cabinet, and at the current time it simply causes damage to Israel," complained the minister. "We're after a military operation, t
(Elul 7, 5774, 9/2/2014)