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Moshe Kahlon Officially Leaves Likud to Form New Party - News
promise after forming his new Cabinet. Likud Central Committee Chairman MK Danny Danon last month accused Netanyahu of splitting the Likud in driving out Kahlon
(Tishrei 27, 5775, 10/21/2014)
MKs Sizzling as PM Appears to Move Toward Hareidim, Elections - News
two weeks without an official Cabinet meeting. These are being interpreted by some as preparation for a possible decision by Livni to leave the government. The
(Tishrei 27, 5775, 10/21/2014)
Report: Netanyahu Planning Spring Elections - News
the bill, if not through the Cabinet then through a bill submitted to the Knesset. "We will continue to promote the Conversion Bill," she declared. "If the bil
(Tishrei 27, 5775, 10/21/2014)
Kahlon Vows to Fix Cost of Living When He Returns to Politics - News
promise after forming his new Cabinet. Just as surprisingly, Kahlon announced his return in April, but indicated in a Yediot Aharonot interview at the time that
(Tishrei 26, 5775, 10/20/2014)
Britain Set to Order Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood - News
erstood to have worked on the Cabinet Office report, said, according to The Telegraph, "It is clear that the Brotherhood has many dark spots, ranging from its a
(Tishrei 26, 5775, 10/20/2014)
Hamas Blasts Fatah Over Failure to Rehabilitate Gaza - News
overnment held its first full cabinet meeting in Gaza, and both groups later claimed the years of division are now over.
(Tishrei 26, 5775, 10/20/2014)
12 Days and Still No Cabinet Meeting - News
dragging its feet. The weekly cabinet meeting, scheduled for every Sunday, did not take place this morning, Walla! reported, and has been postponed to the middl
(Tishrei 25, 5775, 10/19/2014)
Kerry Blames ISIS on Failure in Israeli Peace Talks - News
ity government held its first cabinet meeting in Gaza and called for elections jointly with Hamas. Pot, meet kettle? Kerry's statements follow a series of US -
(Tishrei 23, 5775, 10/17/2014)
Ya'alon Calls Bennett's Actions During Gaza War 'Anarchy' - News
ate the chief of staff in the cabinet and say that he"s a lazy horse compared to the galloping horses, the officers in the field? "I received no request from h
(Tishrei 21, 5775, 10/15/2014)
UN Chief Slams 'Settlement Building' Despite Freeze - News
e PA unity government's first cabinet meeting - held in Gaza. At the conference, Haniyeh said "the division in the Palestinian people has ended. We have one gov
(Tishrei 19, 5775, 10/13/2014)
UK Labor Party Rebellion Against 'Palestine' Vote - News
ary Rachel Reeves, and shadow Cabinet Office minister Michael Dugher, both of whom are officers of the Labor Friends of Israel which has stated the move goes be
(Tishrei 17, 5775, 10/11/2014)
Kerry to Push for Return to Peace Talks in Cairo - News
the first PA unity government cabinet meeting held last Thursday in Gaza with the attendance of Hamas, the White House praised the meeting as a "positive step i
(Tishrei 17, 5775, 10/11/2014)
Western Diplomat Reveals Gaza Facing 'Donor Fatigue' - News
nt to be named, said the Gaza cabinet meeting was "not enough to reassure donors" - even if it was enough to reassure the political machine. The EU, a chief aid
(Tishrei 16, 5775, 10/10/2014)
US Praises Hamas-Fatah Unity Meeting as 'Positive Step' - News
overnment held its first full cabinet meeting on Thursday in Gaza, and according to the White House it was a "positive step." "The only way to have a long-term
(Tishrei 16, 5775, 10/10/2014)
Hamas and Fatah Meet in Gaza: 'The Division is Over' - News
overnment held its first full cabinet meeting on Thursday in Gaza, and despite the recent massive tensions between "unity partners" Fatah and Hamas, both groups
(Tishrei 15, 5775, 10/9/2014)