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Cabinet discusses unilateral withdrawals - NewsSecurity Cabinet ministers are to receive an update on Wednesday on the formerly secret talks between Israeli representatives and the Palestinian Authority (PA)
(Adar Bet 27, 5776, 06/04/16)
New Egyptian Cabinet Sworn-In - News The first Egyptian Cabinet since the overthrow of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was sworn in on Tuesday, as the Muslim Brotherhood from which the ousted pr
(Av 10, 5773, 17/07/13)
Mikati Makes End-Run on Hizbullah to Fund STL - NewsLebanese prime minister Najib Mikati averted the collapse of his been the cause of repeated cabinet crises since Mikati formed his g
(Kislev 4, 5772, 30/11/11)
Libya Announces New Cabinet - Newsicial announcement on its new cabinet line-up Tuesday, but several key roles have already been announced.Prime minister designate Abdul Raheem al-Keeb said Mond
(Cheshvan 25, 5772, 22/11/11)
US State Department Pays Mikati Unannounced Visit - NewsLebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati a unannounced late-night visit af...which his Hizbullah-dominated cabinet has vowed to obstruct at all cos
(Tishrei 27, 5772, 25/10/11)
Opposition MP: STL Tensions Won't Topple Mikati Government - News lead to the explosion of the Cabinet," Jisr told a Beirut radio station. Jisr said cabinet resignations were unlikely, saying Druze-patriarch and Progressive S
(Tishrei 13, 5772, 11/10/11)
Opposition MP: STL Tensions Won't Topple Mikati Government - News Briefs lead to the explosion of the Cabinet," Jisr told a Beirut radio station.
(Tishrei 13, 5772, 11/10/11)
Beirut Cabinet Crisis, Take Four - News BriefsLebanese prime minister Najib Mikati's pledge to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is threatening to bring down his government.
(Tishrei 6, 5772, 04/10/11)
Beirut Cabinet Crisis, Take Four - NewsLebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati is facing its fourth cabinet crisis in just as many months of rule, again raising questions over just how long Beirut's Hiz
(Tishrei 5, 5772, 03/10/11)
Cabinet Set to Vote on Trajtenberg - News The Cabinet will vote today (Monday) on the main tenets of the Trajtenberg Committee report, despite the objection of Shas, Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is Our Home
(Tishrei 5, 5772, 03/10/11)
Controversial Power Deal Saves Mikati Government - NewsThe Hizbullah-backed Mikati government in Beirut approved a controvers...old reporters Wednesday. "The Cabinet approved the electricity bill wh
(Elul 8, 5771, 07/09/11)
Power Politics Amp Lebanese Cabinet Crisis - NewsPrime Minister Najib Mikati tried to play down the escalating crisis t...atening the solidarity of his Cabinet saying he hoped a controversial
(Av 29, 5771, 29/08/11)
New Thailand Cabinet Named - Newsk Shinawatra, named her first cabinet on Wednesday, the BBC reported. The 35-member team is dominated by members of her Pheu Thai party, with some posts going t
(Av 11, 5771, 11/08/11)
Mikati Wins No Confidence Vote 68-60 - News Briefsof Lebanese billionaire Najib Mikati on Thursday won the parliament voted for the Cabinet, which is dominated by ministers
(Tammuz 6, 5771, 08/07/11)
Mikati Wins No Confidence Vote 68-60 - Newsof Lebanese billionaire Najib Mikati on Thursday won the parliament voted for the Cabinet, which is dominated by ministers
(Tammuz 6, 5771, 08/07/11)
Behind Japan's Cabinet Reshuffle - Newsn he decided on a high-stakes cabinet reshuffle that at least provides a temporary reprieve and if successful might reestablish his leadership credentials. A fa
(Shevat 12, 5771, 17/01/11)
Cabinet Approves Building Freeze - NewsThe Security Cabinet approved a request by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday night for a 10-month construction freeze in Judea and Samaria.In a statem
(Kislev 8, 5770, 25/11/09)
Chadors in the Iranian Cabinet - Articlesor women.named to the Iranian cabinet, a development the news media promptly described as a bid "to soften his hardline image" and to "mollify the opposition...
(Elul 5, 5769, 25/08/09)
Security Cabinet Votes for 'Calm' - NewsThe Security Cabinet announced shortly after 1:00 p.m. Wednesday that it will try to reach a period of "calm", or a tahadiyeh, as it is called in Arabic, with G
(Sivan 8, 5768, 11/06/08)
Cabinet Expected to Approve the Budget - Newsn favor when presented to the cabinet on Tuesday. Shas leader Eli Yishai on the other hand announced there is no way he will raise his hand in support of the bu
(Elul 19, 5766, 12/09/06)
Cabinet Approves UN Ceasefire - NewsThe decision was unanimously in favor, except for Transportation Minister Sha'ul Mofaz, who abstained. Mofaz served as IDF Chief of Staff and Defense Minister i
(Av 19, 5766, 13/08/06)
Hamas Scrambles to Rework Cabinet - Newsocated in Gaza. The remaining cabinet members have essentially doubled their duties. They have gone into hiding and are not available by phone, fearing arrest o
(Tammuz 7, 5766, 03/07/06)
Cabinet Approves Security Cabinet Appointments - News Briefs( The cabinet on Sunday gave its stamp of approval to the Security Cabinet appointments, numbering 12 ministers, about half of the total cabinet wh
(Iyar 16, 5766, 14/05/06)
Cabinet Approves Evacuation Bill - NewsThe Cabinet approved the Evacuation/Compensation bill today, 13-6. Voting against were Ministers Sharansky, HaNegbi, Katz, Landau and Naveh, all of the Likud, a
(Cheshvan 9, 5765, 24/10/04)
Today´s Cabinet Meeting - NewsThe Cabinet approved the appointment today of three Likud ministers to take over government ministries that were vacated last month as a result of Prime Ministe
(Tammuz 15, 5764, 04/07/04)
Cabinet Statements - Newse Yaalon, speaking at today's Cabinet meeting some hours before the fatal Hizbullah attack, said that Hizbullah is heating up the area in an attempt to make up
(Av 12, 5763, 10/08/03)
Cabinet Decision Taken To Court - NewsSupreme Court against today's Cabinet decision to release over 100 Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners. The suit is based on two points: the PA refuses to disarm
(Tammuz 27, 5763, 27/07/03)
Cabinet in Session - NewsThe Cabinet has begun its weekly meeting - its first post-Road Map session. Justice Minister Yosef (Tommy) Lapid, who supports the Road Map, has criticism of Sh
(Sivan 1, 5763, 01/06/03)
More From The Cabinet Agenda - NewsThe ministerial mini-Cabinet also discussed the final routing of the partition known as "the Jerusalem envelope." Prime Minister Sharon's spokesman Arnon Feldma
(Elul 13, 5762, 21/08/02)
Cabinet Approves 2003 Budget - Newsg a grueling 12-hour marathon cabinet session, the government"s ministers yesterday approved the finance ministry"s 2003 state budget by a count of 14-12. The L
(Av 22, 5762, 31/07/02)
PM Sharon Convenes Cabinet - News Sharon convened his Security Cabinet shortly after the blast to discuss Israel\'s response. The Cabinet had been scheduled to meet in any event to discuss how
(Sivan 25, 5762, 05/06/02)
Security Cabinet to Convene This Morning - News The Security Cabinet is scheduled to convene this morning to discuss recent pertinent developments.
(Tevet 25, 5762, 09/01/02)
Cabinet Votes To Withdraw - Conditionally - NewsThe security mini-cabinet decided late last night to begin a gradual withdrawal from the PA-ruled areas that the IDF took over almost a week ago. The withdrawal
(Cheshvan 9, 5762, 26/10/01)
Cabinet Meeting to Strengthen Jerusalem - NewsThe government held a special cabinet meeting yesterday on the issue of Jerusalem, in the words of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, "the capital of the Jewish peopl
(Elul 3, 5761, 22/08/01)
Security Cabinet Still in Session - NewsThe security cabinet has been convened since 9 AM this morning in Jerusalem, discussing possible reactions to the Palestinian escalation of the past two days. T
(Tammuz 27, 5761, 18/07/01)
Cabinet Decisions - News 13 ministers in the security cabinet complained about not having been consulted on Friday when the decision on the massive retaliation was made the decision wa
(Iyar 27, 5761, 20/05/01)
Security-Cabinet Meeting In Ofrah - Newsinisters of his security mini-cabinet held an official meeting in Ofrah this morning, as a salute to both the grieving Hershkovitz families and the entire commu
(Iyar 9, 5761, 02/05/01)
Security-Cabinet Meeting in Ofrah - Newsinisters of his security mini-cabinet, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Sha"ul Mofaz, and senior IDF officers have arrived in Ofrah. They will hold a security cabine
(Iyar 9, 5761, 02/05/01)