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Netanyahu: Gaza Operation to Continue 'At Full Strength' - News
in Netanyahu opened a special cabinet meeting at the Knesset in Jerusalem Thursday by vowing that the IDF's defensive operation in Gaza would continue "at full
(Tammuz 26, 5774, 7/24/2014)
Despite Anti-Semitism Fear, Anti-Israel Protests Resume in Paris - News
his promotion this year in a cabinet reshuffle places him as prime minister, has blamed extremist groups for the violence last week. He told the Le Parisien da
(Tammuz 25, 5774, 7/23/2014)
IDF Says Most Tunnels Have Been Found - News
of the Diplomacy and Security Cabinet, called Wednesday for the toppling of Hama's Gaza regime. "It is gradually coming to light that nothing can be worse than
(Tammuz 25, 5774, 7/23/2014)
The Delta Force - Blogs
this means that the security cabinet must now accept the reality that Hamas threatens to shut down the economic life of the country. One must expect the govern
(Tammuz 24, 5774, 7/22/2014)
Paris Allows Anti-Israel Protests to Resume Despite Violence - News
his promotion this year in a cabinet reshuffle, said he would not tolerate any violence. "Public order... is a responsibility and the government assumes its re
(Tammuz 24, 5774, 7/22/2014)
Turkey Declares 'Three Days of Mourning' for Gaza - News
in televised comments after a cabinet meeting. "In a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people, three days of mourning have been declared starting from tom
(Tammuz 23, 5774, 7/21/2014)
Livni Asks: 'Why Destroy Tunnels Before They Were Used?' - News
t member of Israel's security cabinet, "helps to provide a very important understanding as to how the very top of Israel's leadership analyzes situations and ma
(Tammuz 22, 5774, 7/20/2014)
Netanyahu Defends IDF, 'Inevitable' Ground Offensive - News
Gaza, something the Security Cabinet is prepared to execute for the sake of eradicating Hamas - whom has left Israel with few options to defend itself. "The de
(Tammuz 20, 5774, 7/18/2014)
Ministers Express Support for Ground Operation in Gaza - News
Cabinet ministers from the right and the left expressed their support on Thursday night for Israel"s ground operation in Gaza. Communications Minister Gilad Erd
(Tammuz 20, 5774, 7/18/2014)
Egypt Blames Hamas for Escalation in Gaza - News
s. The Diplomacy and Security Cabinet has authorized the IDF to widen the operation further at its discretion.
(Tammuz 20, 5774, 7/18/2014)
IDF Launches Ground Operation against Gaza - News
s. The Diplomacy and Security Cabinet has authorized the IDF to widen the operation further at its discretion. Egypt, meanwhile, has issued a statement saying t
(Tammuz 20, 5774, 7/18/2014)
Netanyahu: Hamas Rejected Egypt's Ceasefire - News
was approved by the Security Cabinet after Israel agreed to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal, whereas Hamas rejected it and continued firing rockets at Israeli
(Tammuz 20, 5774, 7/18/2014)
Bennett: Time to Turn 'Iron Dome' into 'Iron Fist' - News
government, and the Security Cabinet - all are united behind the Prime Minister of Israel." "We will win," he assured. Bennett's remarks surface as ministers w
(Tammuz 19, 5774, 7/17/2014)
Ministers Weigh Ground Offensive, Call Up More Reservists - News
s - and threats. The Security Cabinet approved an order to call up 8,000 additional reserve soldiers Wednesday afternoon, it was just announced, in addition to
(Tammuz 18, 5774, 7/16/2014)