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BDS defeated in 2 Spanish courts - Europe - Newsent months. Between them, the courts reversed the resolutions passed in those two municipalities, which together have a total population of 30,000 people, citin
(י"ז בשבט תשע"ז, 13/02/17)
Difficult decisions for the courts and the Knesset - Articlesabbinic jurisprudence is that courts of law should attempt at almost all costs to arrive at a compromise/arbitration decision rather than attempt to enforce the
(ח' בכסלו תשע"ז, 08/12/16)
MIshpatim: Crime and Punishment - Articless of the non-Jews or in their courts, even though their laws are similar to the laws of Israel, is [considered] a 'rasha' (wicked), and it is as if he has curse
(כ"ד בשבט תשע"א, 29/01/11)
Aharonovich to Courts: Light Punishment Doesn't Fight Crime - Inside Israel - Newsne efforts to fight organized crime.Aharonovich was "pained and disappointed" by the punishment meted out to crime boss Michael Mor, according to a statement fr
(ג' בתשרי תש"ע, 21/09/09)
Bill to Limit Spanish Courts to Spanish Cases - News Briefsrsday that would keep Spanish courts from investigating international cases unless Spanish citizens are involved.The change was initiated by the government foll
(ג' בתמוז תשס"ט, 25/06/09)
Courts Jammed Up With Young Detainees - Politics & Gov't - Newswn the police department, the courts, and the jails, and will make the disengagement an impossible mission. Atty. Amikam Hadar has been hired by the Honenu le
(ח' באייר תשס"ה, 17/05/05)
Noam Federman?s Crime - Articlesave they charged him with any crime. What appears to be his crime is his ability to undermine the prestige of the GSS. Coinciding with Federman?s incarceration
(ט"ו בכסלו תשס"ד, 10/12/03)