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Iran Debuts Bavar 373 Missile - News
ternative to the S-300, which Russia withdrew its intention to sell Iran due to pressure from the European Union (EU). Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Kh
(Elul 3, 5774, 8/29/2014)
Jews Leave Guatemalan Village Claiming Threats - News
d States, Israel, Britain and Russia, and around 40 are Guatemalan. Approximately half are children. Since October, the local indigenous population has accused
(Elul 3, 5774, 8/29/2014)
Americans' Support for Israel Strong, Poll Shows - News
ach toward the strife between Russia and Ukraine. In the poll, just 15% of Americans say the United States is playing a more important and powerful role as a w
(Elul 2, 5774, 8/28/2014)
Israeli Judoka Wins Silver at World Championship - News
hich was held in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Gerbi faced off against Clarisse Agbegnenou of France in the final for the second time running. Last year Gerbi defeated A
(Elul 2, 5774, 8/28/2014)
Israel: No Comment on Iran's Claim it Downed a Drone over Natanz - News
rs -- Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany -- reached a six-month interim agreement under which Iran suspended part of its nuclear acti
(Av 28, 5774, 8/24/2014)
Teddy Roosevelt and Palestine - "Bully for You!" - News
s of North Africa and Czarist Russia. After his presidency, he expressed strong support for the emergence of a Jewish state in Palestine.Roosevelt's first conta
(Av 18, 5774, 8/14/2014)
Hillary Clinton Supports IDF Control of Judea, Samaria - News
ad in Syria. &hellip You have Russia massing battalions&mdashRussia, that actually annexed and is occupying part of a UN member-state&mdashand I fear that it wi
(Av 14, 5774, 8/10/2014)
Gaza - this is who we are. - Blogs
ting ground troops.If we were Russia which bombed Chechnya and its capital Grozny, with civilian deaths never officially revealed, we could have stopped the roc
(Av 3, 5774, 7/30/2014)
Islamism: Religion or Ideology? - Blogs
With the sole exception of Russia's activities in Ukraine and the Crimea, almost all the world's violence and trouble is traceable to one clearly identifiable s
(Av 1, 5774, 7/28/2014)
Beware: Hamas isn’t what you think it is - Blogs
ports terror. Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates consider this Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. The Brotherhood
(Tammuz 29, 5774, 7/27/2014)
Air France to Resume Flights to Israel - News
s to the Jewish state, as did Russia's second-largest air carrier Transaero. However, Germany's biggest airline Lufthansa said Thursday it would continue to sus
(Tammuz 27, 5774, 7/25/2014)