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Report: Israel Cans Ukraine Arms Shipment to Placate Russia - News
cked for fear of antagonizing Russia, according to Israeli news reports on Monday. A Ukrainian delegation had visited Israel with a view to acquiring military h
(Elul 20, 5774, 9/15/2014)
Israel 4th Most Educated Country - News
are exceptions. Korea and the Russian Federation both spent less than $10,000 on tertiary education per student in 2011, considerably lower than the OECD averag
(Elul 20, 5774, 9/15/2014)
Iranian Negotiator: A 'Difficult Road' Ahead in Nuclear Talks - News
he six powers, also including Russia and China, will hold their first full negotiating round with Iran since July on September 18 in New York, seeking to narrow
(Elul 17, 5774, 9/12/2014)
Ya'alon Becomes First Defense Minister to Visit Azerbaijan - News
or Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied Russia in World War II. The Azeri ambassador added that Israel receives 40% of its oil supply from Azerbaijan, making the country
(Elul 15, 5774, 9/10/2014)
Israel Hails US Efforts Against IS, But Fears Iran Rapprochement - News
ers - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States plus Germany - had been working to a July target date for a comprehensive agreement to allay internat
(Elul 15, 5774, 9/10/2014)
Herzog Assured U.S. Won't Back Down on Iran - News
x powers - the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and Britain - want Iran to scale back its nuclear program in exchange for phasing out tough sanctio
(Elul 15, 5774, 9/10/2014)
Russia and Iran Planning to Boost Economic Ties - News
Russian officials have traveled to Iran's capital to boost economic ties between the two countries, The Associated Press (AP) reported on Tuesday. Iran's Oil Mi
(Elul 15, 5774, 9/10/2014)
Russia Says US-Israeli Iran Missile Simulation Failed - News
Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov claimed on Tuesday that the joint Israeli and American test of an Arrow (Hetz) 2 interceptor mi
(Elul 14, 5774, 9/9/2014)
Ashton: Gap Between Iran and World Powers Can be Narrowed - News
x powers - the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and Britain - want Iran to scale back its nuclear program in exchange for phasing out tough sanctio
(Elul 14, 5774, 9/9/2014)
Young Muslims Operating 'Sharia Police' in Germany - News
selves to be "Sharia police", Russia Today (RT) reports. According to the report, the group was patrolling the streets, urging people to refrain from various so
(Elul 13, 5774, 9/8/2014)
Extremist Haredi Cult Searches for New Home in Guatemala - News
d States, Israel, Britain and Russia are looking for a place to settle anew. But they want to stay in this Central American nation. "We will remain in Guatemala
(Elul 12, 5774, 9/7/2014)
Iran Arrests Man for Sabotaging Nuclear Power Plant - News
as an "expert" together with Russian contractors at the site, according to AP, quotin Iranian daily Hamshahri. He has not yet been named, and details surroundi
(Elul 12, 5774, 9/7/2014)
U.S. and Iranian Official Hold Nuclear Talks in Geneva - News
and the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany, and would be led by European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. That will mark the
(Elul 11, 5774, 9/6/2014)
France Leads World Aliyah For the First Time Ever - News
ommunity. Coming in third was Russia with 2,632 new immigrants, and the United States at 2,213. "We will get close to 6,000 departures from France in 2014," add
(Elul 10, 5774, 9/5/2014)
Bibi ... call this freeze now ! - Blogs
e way as Britain, America and Russia have carpet-bombed other parts of the world for a lot less than basic survival.I would like to thank the American people an
(Elul 10, 5774, 9/5/2014)
Iran Debuts Bavar 373 Missile - News
ternative to the S-300, which Russia withdrew its intention to sell Iran due to pressure from the European Union (EU). Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Kh
(Elul 3, 5774, 8/29/2014)