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Islamism: Religion or Ideology? - Blogs
With the sole exception of Russia's activities in Ukraine and the Crimea, almost all the world's violence and trouble is traceable to one clearly identifiable s
(Av 1, 5774, 7/28/2014)
Beware: Hamas isn’t what you think it is - Blogs
ports terror. Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates consider this Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. The Brotherhood
(Tammuz 29, 5774, 7/27/2014)
Air France to Resume Flights to Israel - News
s to the Jewish state, as did Russia's second-largest air carrier Transaero. However, Germany's biggest airline Lufthansa said Thursday it would continue to sus
(Tammuz 27, 5774, 7/25/2014)
Hero of the Week - Blogs
in Darfur, Zimbabwe, Iran and Russia he has infiltrated the inner sanctum of tyrants and human rights abusers which goes by the oxymoron UNHRC: the United Natio
(Tammuz 27, 5774, 7/25/2014)
German Airline Lufthansa Maintains Israel Flight Ban - News
s to the Jewish state, as did Russia's second-largest air carrier Transaero.
(Tammuz 26, 5774, 7/24/2014)
Pakistan Calls to End Gaza Blockade - News
countries joined by China and Russia, plus Latin American and African nations. "The blockade of Gaza must be ended in order to allow access of any humanitarian
(Tammuz 26, 5774, 7/24/2014)
European Aviation Safety Agency Lifts Tel Aviv Flight Ban - News
lt of a missile attack by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine. While the United States and Europe had told their civil aviation authorities to steer clear of Crimea a
(Tammuz 26, 5774, 7/24/2014)
Russian Airlines Resume Flights to Israel - News
Russia's second-largest airline Transaero said Thursday it was resuming flights to Israel, two days after suspending traffic along with other major airlines ove
(Tammuz 26, 5774, 7/24/2014)
30,000 Attend Funeral of American Lone Soldier - News
buried soldiers from Morocco, Russia and Ethiopia here. Soldiers who fought for the Jewish nation." "We will never forget the soldiers who are buried here at H
(Tammuz 25, 5774, 7/23/2014)
International Powers Repeat Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza - News
he need for a ceasefire," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement as the United States and the United Nations demanded an immediate ceasefire. "Now we
(Tammuz 23, 5774, 7/21/2014)
Winners need not explain. Losers don't live to explain. - Blogs
f countless European nations (Russia, Austria-Hungary, Prussia, Serbia), and is the United States' national bird.* Attila the Hun was well known for rampaging,
(Tammuz 22, 5774, 7/20/2014)
Israeli Killed in Malaysia Airlines Crash Over Russia - News
Airlines flight MH17 over the Russia-Ukraine border on Thursday, along with 294 others, his family announced. "Unfortunately, I must share with all of my Facebo
(Tammuz 20, 5774, 7/18/2014)
Malaysia Airlines Jet Crashes Over Russia-Ukraine Border - News
Airlines jet crashed near the Russia-Ukraine on Thursday, killing 295 people on board - and sparking questions about the role of the ongoing civil war between t
(Tammuz 19, 5774, 7/17/2014)