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Surprise! French Anti-Semitism Down Drastically - News
15, down from 45 percent), in Russia (23 percent in 2015, down from 30 percent, and in Ukraine (32 percent in 2015, down from 38 percent). Muslim anti-Semitis
(Tammuz 13, 5775, 6/30/2015)
Tough Employer: Kim Jong-Un Executes Airport Architect - News
ater to flights from China to Russia - foreign tourists aren't expected to rush to visit the draconian regime though. According to The Diplomat, Ma was one of s
(Tammuz 13, 5775, 6/30/2015)
France Pushes New Plan for Israel-PA Talks - News
t included the United States, Russia, the European Union. Fabius said including Arab states "makes sense" because they have a role to play in the peace process
(Tammuz 12, 5775, 6/29/2015)
Report: Powers Give in – No Inspection of Iran's Nuke Facilities - News
m the UK, France, Germany and Russia who joined the talks over the weekend before returning to their capitals. The lead western negotiator, the US secretary of
(Tammuz 11, 5775, 6/28/2015)
Kerry Arrives in Vienna as Deadline for Nuclear Deal Approaches - News
-- the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany -- want Iran to curtail its nuclear activities in order to make any push to make nuclear weapo
(Tammuz 10, 5775, 6/27/2015)
Diplomat: Major Differences with Iran Remain - News
es, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran have entered their final phase. "The questions of access and transparency, PMD (possible military dimension
(Tammuz 9, 5775, 6/26/2015)
UN Gaza Report: It's A Disgrace - News
a: 0France: 0Iraq: 0Lebanon: 0Russia: 0Pakistan: 0Somalia 0Turkmenistan: 0UK: 0USA: 0Uzbekistan: 0Venezeula: 0Vietnam: 0Yemen: 0Zimbabwe: 0 Click here to downl
(Tammuz 9, 5775, 6/26/2015)
Obama and Putin Agree 'Unity' Needed in Iran Talks - News
President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on Thursday about the need to maintain "unity" in talks between Iran and the six world powers
(Tammuz 9, 5775, 6/26/2015)
Transsexual Gay Duo Seeks 'Acceptance' - in ISIS - News
A Russian pair are giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "going off the straight and narrow" - the two, a transsexual man and his gay female friend, have le
(Tammuz 8, 5775, 6/25/2015)
Russia, Like China, Tests Nuclear Vehicle to Beat US Defenses - News
and deliver a nuclear strike, Russia just recently conducted a test of its own on a similar hypersonic attack vehicle. Russia has been developing the new Yu-71
(Tammuz 8, 5775, 6/25/2015)
Tajikistan Annuls Citizenship of Nationals who Joined ISIS - News
ted to fight for the group in Russia, where over a million work as migrant laborers, Tajik security services said. In May, Colonel Gulmurod Halimov, a former co
(Tammuz 8, 5775, 6/25/2015)
Wikileaks: France Planned Israel-PA Talks Behind Obama's Back - News
d Nations, European Union and Russia - in the process, but "were wary about such an invitation because that group might not bow to Paris's wishes." In particula
(Tammuz 7, 5775, 6/24/2015)