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The real reason Russia is leaving Syria - Articlesple who are not familiar with Russian culture have always had difficulty understanding Putin's behavior in general, and his decision to withdraw Russian forces
(Adar Bet 7, 5776, 17/03/16)
Contemplating a US/Russia Alliance  - Articles by saying he would allow the Russians to do the "dirty work" and would "let them beat the s*** out of ISIS also.". Trump went further, "I have always felt that
(Adar 7, 5776, 16/02/16)
Turkey refuses to apologize to Russia - Newsl not apologize for downing a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border but Moscow should reconsider retaliatory sanctions, Turkish premier Ahmet Davutoglu said
(Kislev 18, 5776, 30/11/15)
Are Turkey and Russia going to clash? - Articlesmpressive event, the sight of Russia flexing its muscles as another Russian battleship on its way south to Syria passes by every few hours. The Russian ships ar
(Kislev 15, 5776, 27/11/15)
Assad 'Confident' of Russia's Support - Newsrong confidence" Tuesday that Russia will continue supporting his embattled regime, speaking in an interview with Hezbollah's Al-Manar television network and qu
(Elul 11, 5775, 26/08/15)
Is Russia Finally Abandoning Assad? - Newsegime has lost the backing of Russia which, along with Iran, had been key in propping him up in the civil war against rebel forces. According to Gulf and Wester
(Sivan 14, 5775, 01/06/15)
Russia, Ukraine Exchange Captives - News BriefsRussia and the Ukraine exchanged captives on Sunday.63 Ukrainian soldiers were exchanged for 10 Russian paratroopers.
(Elul 5, 5774, 31/08/14)
Crimea Votes to Join Russia - News Briefsmean parliament votes to join Russia, raising the stakes in Russia-Ukraine standoff.
(Adar Bet 4, 5774, 06/03/14)
Crimea Votes to Join Russia - NewsCrimea voted Thursday to join Russia, in a move analysts fear will exacerbate the Russia-Ukraine standoff. Members of Parliament voted unanimously "to enter int
(Adar Bet 4, 5774, 06/03/14)
Snowden Asks for Asylum in Russia - News he wanted to claim asylum in Russia because he is unable to fly to anywhere else, AFP reported. Human Rights Watch representative Tanya Lokshina told the Inter
(Av 5, 5773, 12/07/13)
UN Holds Minute of Silence Honoring Chavez - Newsate Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. The Cuban-led praise was " When China, Cuba, and Russia were forced to go off the council
(Adar 26, 5773, 08/03/13)
Chavez and Ahmadinejad Were United - Against Israel - ArticlesHugo Chavez was a good Marxist. That"s why he believed in a world wher...r Leader.Meanwhile, China and Russia have embraced capitalism, but hav
(Adar 24, 5773, 06/03/13)
Russia to Supply Iraq With Arms - NewsRussian government documents indicate a massive arms deal between Moscow and Baghdad that will make Russia the runnerup international supplier of arms in the re
(Tishrei 23, 5773, 09/10/12)
Leading Russia's Jews Today - Articlesh lay leaders have emerged in Russia. The first authentic national organization was the Va"ad, founded in 1989. It aimed to represent all Jews in the Soviet Uni
(Sivan 7, 5772, 28/05/12)
Chavez Will Return To Cuba For Repeat Cancer Surgery - Newshat Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will undergo repeat surgery in Cu...tained strong ties with Iran, Russia and China, and thumbed his nose a
(Shevat 29, 5772, 22/02/12)
Getting it Right About Russia - Articles to evidence of vote fraud in Russia's parliamentary elections of last December 4th hammered one more nail in the coffin of President Obama's reset of relations
(Tevet 28, 5772, 23/01/12)
Russia and China Practice Loans for Oil to Bolster Chavez - NewsRussia and China learned the hard way in Libya and Iraq that oil deals signed with a despotic regime can backfire if that regime was ousted. Now they appear to
(Tishrei 20, 5772, 18/10/11)
Russia Banking on Assad - News Briefshe regime's brutal crackdown, Russia is banking on Assad's survival.
(Elul 23, 5771, 22/09/11)
Russia Banking on Assad - Newsy America's traditional rival Russia. For officials in Moscow, who compete with Washington in the global arms market, and use arms sales as a lever for strategi
(Elul 23, 5771, 22/09/11)
Chavez Returns To Cuba Sans Omnipotence - News Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is going back to Cuba for chemotherapy treatm...s also been a major client of Russian arms precisely at a time that ev
(Tammuz 15, 5771, 17/07/11)
Is Hugo Chavez the Next Domino to Fall? - News East, but in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez remains sanguine and expects to, but as occurred in Soviet Russia, such controls merely lead to sho
(Adar 16, 5771, 20/02/11)
Obama, Chavez: From Reset to Abort - Newsritarian populist leader Hugo Chavez at an Organization of American St...ional embargoes. For example, Russia did not send its advanced air def
(Tevet 12, 5771, 19/12/10)
Russia Arming Venezuela with $4 Billion Credit - News BriefsRussia reportedly gave Venezuela a $4 billion credit to buy weapons when President Hugo Chavez visited Moscow last month, adding to billions the socialist leade
(Kislev 21, 5771, 28/11/10)
Russia to Build Nuclear Plant in Venezuela - News BriefsRussian President Dmitri Medvedev said over the weekend that Russia would build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela. The deal was announced during a visit by Ven
(Cheshvan 9, 5771, 17/10/10)
Chavez: We'll Keep Arming Until We Can Defend Selves - News BriefsAnti-Israeli President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said, "Don't be stupid... than $4 billion in arms from Russia since 2005 and Russia expects ord
(Nisan 25, 5770, 09/04/10)
Russia & Venezuela Sign $20 Billion Oil Deal - News BriefsRussian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made a visit to Venezuela Friday and agreed with President Hugo Chavez on a joint oil production project worth $20 billion
(Nisan 20, 5770, 04/04/10)
Assad Welcomes Chavez - News Briefsmed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the Damascus airport Thursday ...also scheduled to visit Iran, Russia, and Belarus.
(Elul 14, 5769, 03/09/09)
President Peres to Visit Russia - News Briefs will depart in two weeks for Russia. Russia’s President Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev invited Peres to his vacation home. It is also expected that Peres will m
(Tammuz 25, 5769, 17/07/09)
The Trouble With Russia - ArticlesThe return of Russian power in the Middle East, next to Iran's nuclear weapons campaign, is the region's most important new issue. While far less threatening th
(Elul 28, 5768, 28/09/08)
Russia to Increase Military Budget - News BriefsRussia will increase its military budget by 27 percent in 2009, Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin announced Tuesday. The announcement follows increasing ten
(Elul 16, 5768, 16/09/08)
Russia and Venezuela May Hold Joint Naval Maneuvers - News BriefsA Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman says that Russia may hold joint naval maneuvers with Venezuela. Andrei Nesterenko says Russian navy ships are to visit Vene
(Elul 8, 5768, 08/09/08)
Venezuelan Pres. Chavez Reassures Jewish Leaders - NewsVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez assured World Jewish Congress (WJC) In June of this year, the Russian newspaper Moscow News quoted Ven
(Av 13, 5768, 14/08/08)
PA Chairman to Visit Russia - News Briefs Mahmoud Abbas plans to visit Russia next week on what his office called a “diplomatic mission.”The Fatah leader will spend three days in Russia for talks with
(Av 11, 5767, 26/07/07)
Olmert To Visit Russia This Month - News Briefs Olmert is scheduled to visit Russia October 16-17 and meet with President Vladimir Putin. Israel has accused Russia of aiding the Hizbullah terrorist organizat
(Tishrei 12, 5767, 04/10/06)
Venezuelan President Threatens to Buy Planes from Russia - News Briefs president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, said his government was consider...purchasing new warplanes from Russia. Chavez said he would sell his U
(Iyar 23, 5766, 21/05/06)
Hamas Leaders Arrive in Russia - Newsvery act of the invitation by Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) gave Hamas - a terrorist organization shunned by Western democracies - the beginnings
(Adar 3, 5766, 03/03/06)
Russia Violating Quartet Decision - News Briefsow extended to Hamas leaders, Russia is remaining firm in its decision. Israeli officials point out that the Russian move violates the decision of the Quartet
(Shevat 14, 5766, 12/02/06)
PM Sharon to Russia - Newsime Minister Sharon landed in Russia this morning, beginning a three-day official visit during which he will meet privately with Russian President Vladimir Puti
(Cheshvan 7, 5764, 02/11/03)
First Case Of SARS In Russia - News Briefsntially fatal SARS disease in Russia.
(Iyar 6, 5763, 08/05/03)
Russia: Will Reconsider Decision on Iraq - News BriefsRussia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said today that Russia might be open t reconsidering it's stand on Iraq if negotiations over weapons inspectors do not pro
(Tishrei 26, 5763, 02/10/02)
Sharon In Russia - Newslanned visit to the Duma, the Russian parliament. No reason was given. An important meeting with Patriarch Alexei II was also not held. Sharon did meet, however
(Elul 17, 5761, 05/09/01)