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Hezki Ezra

How to honor Ezra Schwartz - Articlesefore the body of 18 year-old Ezra Schwartz was flown to the United States for burial last Saturday night. William Grant, deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Em
(י"ב בכסלו תשע"ו, 24/11/15)
Ezra Schwartz laid to rest - Jewish World - NewsThe funeral of Ezra Yehiel Schwartz, yeshiva student who was murdered by a terrorist Thursday in Gush Etzion, began Sunday morning, Boston time. Schwartz, 18, i
(י' בכסלו תשע"ו, 22/11/15)
Murdered yeshiva student identified: Ezra Yehiel Schwartz - Defense/Security - Newsst Thursday in Gush Etzion is Ezra Yehiel Schwartz, 18, a US citizen and a student at the Ashreinu Yeshiva in Beit Shemesh. He was in Israel on his own. He and
(ז' בכסלו תשע"ו, 19/11/15)
MK Gideon Ezra Passes On - News BriefsMK Gideon Ezra (Kadima) passed on early Thursday morning. He succumbed after a struggle with cancer.Ezra is a former Deputy Director of the ISA (Shabak), and su
(כ"ה באייר תשע"ב, 17/05/12)
The Ezra Youth Movement Summer Camp - "the Real Tent Camp" - Jewish World - Newsund not just in Tel Aviv. The Ezra youth movement"s annual summer camp is taking place this year at the Kennedy Forest near Moshav Aminadav, southwest of Jerusa
(י"ט באב תשע"א, 19/08/11)
Ezra - A Youth Movement's Identity Crisis - Jewish World - NewsV attended the debates at the Ezra Youth Movement 90th Anniversary Conference in Tel Aviv. As reported on Israel National News, one of the highlights of the deb
(ז' בניסן תש"ע, 22/03/10)
Ezra at 90: Changing from Hareidi to Torani? - Jewish World - NewsThe Ezra Youth Movement, Israel"s 4th-largest with 12,000 members, is celebrating its 90th anniversary – and is considering changing its name from "hareidi" to
(ו' בניסן תש"ע, 21/03/10)
Indor: Ezra is a Terror Encourager - News Briefsup, reacted harshly to Gideon Ezra’s call to free Marwan Barghouti. “Ezra, with his conciliatory words about a person who was among the leaders of the Intifada
(כ"א באב תשס"ט, 11/08/09)
MK Ezra: Free Barghouti - News BriefsMK Gideon Ezra said Tuesday that terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti should be released from jail. “Barghouti is the best obstacle in the way of Hamas,” Ezra told
(כ"א באב תשס"ט, 11/08/09)
Yossi Ezra's Return To Hebron - Blogscial visitor in Hebron. Yosef Ezra was born in Hebron in the early 1930's. However, as he related to us, his family history in Hebron goes back over 400 years.
(כ"ח בתמוז תשס"ח, 31/07/08)
Happy Birthday, Ezra Yachin - BlogsAt the age of 16, Ezra Yachin joined up as a freedom fighter, one of Yair Stern's "unknown soldiers", to wage a war of liberation against the Britsh Mandatory r
(י' בתמוז תשס"ח, 13/07/08)
Ezra: ‘A Thousand Organizations in Gaza’ - News BriefsEnvironment Minister Gideon Ezra told cabinet ministers during the weekly Sunday meeting that he advocates increasing the response to Palestinian Authority terr
(כ"ה באייר תשס"ז, 13/05/07)
Ezra: Realignment Plan on Hold - News Briefsmental Affairs Minister Gidon Ezra (Kadima) stated on Monday that at present, nothing is being done to advance Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s realignment plan, th
(י"ד בתמוז תשס"ו, 10/07/06)
Disengagement Opponents Shun Ezra - News Briefsblic Security Minister Gideon Ezra when he appeared at the police command center in Sderot. A minor scuffle broke out between the minister’s bodyguards and prot
(כ"ז בתמוז תשס"ה, 03/08/05)
Ezra: Koran Incident Was a Provocation - News Briefsblic Security Minister Gideon Ezra visited Megiddo Prison yesterday to investigate reports of a vandal attack involving a Koran. According to reports, the mini
(א' בסיון תשס"ה, 08/06/05)
Ezra Announces Discriminatory Ruling - News Briefsblic Security Minister Gideon Ezra has announced that Jewish members of Knesset (MKs) will not be permitted onto the Temple Mount on Sunday. On the other hand,
(כ"ח באדר ב תשס"ה, 08/04/05)
Ezra: There is a Great Deal to be Done - News Briefsblic Security Minister Gideon Ezra told Galei Tzahal (Army) Radio tonight that there is a great deal that can and should have already been done by Abu Mazen and
(ה' בשבט תשס"ה, 15/01/05)
Ezra: No Change in Disengagement Schedule - News Briefsblic Security Minister Gideon Ezra stated on Sunday following the massive bomb attack in Rafiah that the Gaza Disengagement Plan schedule will move ahead as pla
(א' בטבת תשס"ה, 13/12/04)
Ezra: Pro-Easings - Inside Israel - Newsblic Security Minister Gideon Ezra if he thinks that there could be a connection between the escalating terrorism and the government's easing of restrictions. E
(כ"ח באב תשס"ב, 06/08/02)
Ezra Calls For Security Restrictions - Inside Israel - Newster of Public Security Gideon Ezra told Israel Radio this morning that he is waging a tenacious battle to impose restrictions on the movement of vehicles regist
(כ' בסיון תשס"ב, 31/05/02)