The Pesach recipe you can't miss

Ari Soffer

This could be the most important recipe you ever read on these pages...

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A new viral video encourages Jews throughout the world to reconnect to what Seder night is really about: the Pesach Sacrifice, or Korban Pesach - and teaches a delicious Pesach recipe anyone can try.

The Korban Pesach (an unblemished young lamb) is the central aspect and Torah command surrounding the festival of Passover. In ancient times it was eaten together with matza (unleavened bread) and marror (bitter herbs). 

Since the conquest of Jerusalem and destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE by the Roman Empire, Jews have been unable to fulfill that mitzvah. However, the reason has nothing to do with the lack of a Temple per se, since the Pesach sacrifice is unique in that individual Jews could offer it up outside of the Temple. However, it must be sacrificed on the Temple Mount - where Jews were for centuries prevented from worshiping at by successive foreign occupiers.

Today still, despite the State of Israel, all forms of Jewish worship are expressly forbidden by current rules at the holiest site in Judaism, for fear of offending Muslims.

While political considerations - which amount to discrimination, activists say - may prevent Jews from physically offering up the Korban Pesach, the Temple Institute's new video aims at least to realign people's thinking about the Seder and Pesach in general.

Hosted by world-renown, Michelin-starred Chef Yochanan Lambiase, the video begins as a Passover cookery clip for a brazed lamb wrap - a clear nod to the Korban Pesach, before revealing its true message.