(Kosher.com) Maple-Berry Duck Trio
90 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Sushi Gefilte Fish
40 minutes Parve
(Kosher.com) Herb Cheese Spread
10 minutes Dairy
(Kosher.com) Friday Night Chicken
60 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Shredded Barbecue-Chicken Salad Shredded Barbecue-Chicken Salad
45 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Stuffed Cabbage
80 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Shakshuka
30 minutes Dairy
(Kosher.com) Chinese Chow Mein
60 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Cheesy Hassleback Potatoes
25 minutes Dairy
(Kosher.com) Salt-Baked Standing Roast
120 minutes Meat Without Kitniyot and Gebrochts (sh'ruyah)
(Kosher.com) Homemade Horseradish
20 minutes Parve Without Kitniyot and Gebrochts (sh'ruyah)
(Kosher.com) Apricot Brick Roast
60 minutes Meat Without Kitniyot
(Ritz Carlton Herzliya) Lamb Shoulder with Olive Oil
80 minutes Meat Without Kitniyot and Gebrochts (sh'ruyah)
(Kosher.com) Kosher for Passover Shnitzel
25 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Corned Beef Hash
25 minutes Meat Without Kitniyot
(Kosher.com) Spinach-Cheese Passover Lasagna
60 minutes Dairy Without Kitniyot
(Kosher.com) Oven-Fried Chicken
(3 Recipe ratings)
50 minutes Meat Without Kitniyot and Gebrochts (sh'ruyah)
(Kosher.com) Shepherd's Pie
75 minutes Meat Without Kitniyot and Gebrochts (sh'ruyah)
(Kosher.com) Secret Ingredient Roast
55 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Onion and Pastrami Tartlets
1 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Delectable Pepper Steak Medley
65 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) French Chicken 'N Wine
145 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Simple and Friendly Fajitas
45 minutes Meat
(Kosher.com) Perfect for Shabbat: Greek Lamb Stew with Red Wine
(2 Recipe ratings)
Not Listed Meat
( Jennifer Stempel) Sheet pan chimichurri cod with potatoes and squash
Not Listed Parve
( Shannon Sarna) Barbecue brisket and beans
Not Listed Meat
( Chaya Rappoport) Zaatar-fried chicken with spicy honey
Not Listed Meat
( Ronnie Fein) Roasted chicken with fresh pineapple
(1 Recipe ratings)
Not Listed Meat
( Renee Rousso) Quajado: Judeo-Greek spinach souffle
Not Listed Dairy
( Tnuva) Cheese-filled crispy cauliflower
Not Listed Dairy