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Audio: Should Israel Reach out to Gentiles?

Ex-Christian Missionary Yoel Keren talks about his new Israeli outreach group LaMikdash.
4/8/2009, 12:47 AM

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Should Israel Reach out to Gentiles? Absolutely yes! Ray and Adam discuss why the Jewish people need to reach out to the Gentile world with their guest Yoel Keren. Yoel is a convert to Orthodox Judaism and shares why the Jewish people need to do more outreach to Gentiles and the reasons they haven’t. Yoel also talks about his LaMikdash organization which he founded. LaMikdash seeks to educate and energize the Jewish masses to reconnect with their holiest site by bringing them up to the Temple Mount itself.

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Ira Michaelson and Rod Bryant are the former hosts of the popular Beyond the Matrix radio show. They have joined the Arutz Sheva – Israel National Radio team to be able to further their message of truth to the global audience. Ira Michaelson is the outreach coordinator for Jews for Judaism – East and Rod Bryant Director of Education and Counseling for Netiv, Torah study center. He is a former Christian minister, now a Noahide, who advocates Torah-based principles. Join the pair as they discuss burning issues for Bnei Noach and the world and invite provocative and thought provoking guests which will be a light unto the nations. A Light to the Nations airs every Tuesday at 1:00 a.m. US eastern time / Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio
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