Audio: The Midnight Rabbi and Unity of the Bands

Rabbi Eli Goldsmith helps at-risk youth in Israel through music and outreach.
3/17/2009, 7:35 PM

A7 Radio's "Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast" with Ben Bresky
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Interview with Rabbi Eli Goldsmith, the "midnight rabbi" who's new organization Music4theYouth gets wayward yeshiva students off the streets and into the recording studio to channel their energy into music.
New rapper Boruch Vidal and DJ Ezra Leyton talk about their violin laced hip-hop with songs like "Inspire" and "Positive Change."
Also, music from Az Yashir, Hello Sid, Shtar and other Unity of the Bands participants.
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Ben Bresky is a music journalist and recording engineer living in Jerusalem. He hosts The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviewing a wide range of Jewish and Israeli musicians from Carlebach to klezmer, from hasidic to trance. For full archives visit
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