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Audio: Of Turbulence & Beauty Queens

An Israeli Beauty Queen tells all, and Jerusalem heats up.
10/27/2014, 7:20 AM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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Tamar announces that she is broadcasting her last shows this week on Arutz Sheva and starts saying her goodbyes.
Also, Jerusalem heats up with more and more Arab attacks on Jews and Jewish property.  Where are the police and why are they using kid gloves?  Israel National News Editor, Tova Dvorin gives us the latest news summary of violence in the capital, and that 1,000 more police will be patrolling the eastern part of the city to bring calm and safety back to the city.

Shifra Hoffman comes on for her last segment with Tamar and talks, of course, about  the importance of Aliyah.

Then, "what is it like to be a beauty queen and represent Israel?"  Yael Markovich, Miss Israel International 2012, and Miss Grand International Israel 2013, describes her time traveling and representing Israel around the world. Was it all glitz and champagne ? Or was it a diplomatic nightmare? Hear Yael describe her trip to Poland where she experienced antisemitism, and in another incident where an Arab airliner refused to fly her to the pageant with the other world's beauty queen contestants. Yael is a fiercely proud Zionist beauty queen, and stands up for Israel, and the Jewish right to live here in our homeland. 

Photograph by: Fredrik Marklund

Yael Markovich, Miss Israel International 2012

Lastly, Bernie Quigley, a non-Jewish blogger at TheHill.com says that Israel needs to take her place in history, step out of the shadow of America, and start being more of a world leader. Check out his piece he wrote at The Hill, "Israel should lead the world's small state revolution". 

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