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Audio: "Politically Incorrect Sukkot"

Tamar talks with Jews from all over who made sukkahs from Jerusalem all the way to Afghanistan!
10/12/2014, 7:46 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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A fun show for the Sukkot Holiday to make you happy.
1st: We take a peek into the Western Wall Plaza where thousands of Jews from the Priestly Family gathered today for the Birkat Kohanim, done only twice a year. Why?  Western Wall icon, Gutman Locks describes the scene and the atmosphere at the Kotel.

2nd: Shifra Hoffman  talks about her personal story of her politically incorrect sukkah in a Haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem, and how they embraced it!

3rd: We go inside people's sukkah-memories and stories by phone, as they regale us with their personal Sukkah holiday experiences;
Arutz Sheva news editor at INN, Tova Dvorin,  experiences being in an Israeli hospital on Sukkot.  She says it was an amazing and emotionally healthy experience!

Batya Medad shares a story when she was a new immigrant to Israel that is an 'only in Israel' story.  She describes her time trying to collect tree branches from the municipality with other Israelis.

A tourist from Norway is here in Jerusalem and sees the holiday up close.  

A Jewish U.S. Army soldier tells us about a sukkah he built in Kandahar, Afghanistan!  

'Dan, the Guy Who Works with Leftists' talks about his experience in a restaurant's sukkah.

A couple living in the north of Israel get rained out from their sukkah, but did it ruin their holiday?

Also, a big 3 day fair in Israel's southern city of Ashkelon promises to bring thousands of Israelis to the beach boardwalk where the municipality has set up booths in a fairground and a huge stage for live music concerts and fun - FOR FREE, -all this after residents of the south experienced a summer of rockets and missiles raining down from its skies.

Some really great stories on this special Sukkot Holiday show!
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