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Audio: Economic Jihad and the Arabization of Jerusalem

Dividing Jerusalem, Economic Jihad and Can the Kurds Save the Day by fighting ISIS?
9/21/2014, 10:54 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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A bus carrying school children was the target of an attack, leaving a huge hole in the windshield of the bus with a black oozing, oily substance pouring down the windshield and the bus'es front. The black substance is thrown at car windshields in an apparent attempt to block the vision of the driver on the road.  This latest incident of Arab rioting has left Jerusalem City Councilman Arieh King livid at lack of police presence.  King states that he believes that PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barakat plan to divide Jerusalem making the eastern part of the city 'Arab'.  Hear why on this show.

Also, researcher and author, Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, joins Tamar and talks about the mega-terror attack originally planned for Rosh HaShana by the Hamas to perpetrate a '9/11' on Israel.  His article entitled

"Stories From The Battlefield: Hamas Tunnels Used To Target Israel’s Kindergartens" explains the methods and the tools they had stocked at hand, including handcuffs, tranquilizers and syringes.  Also, what is "Economic Jihad"?  Dr. Ben-Menachem explains.

Afterwards, what is the possible answer to fighting the Islamic State: The Kurds?  

With the ISIS spreading like wildfire in such a short time, one of the 'Peoples' in the middle east who could be a natural ally of the West are the Kurds.  The Kurdish people have routinely been treated as second class citizens - or worse, by Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and other countries they reside in.  They have been aspiring for independence for decades,-far longer than the Arabs who have taken on the identity of being 'Palestinian' and thus demanding a Palestinian State, which by the way, the World is only TOO eager to give them.  But what do the Kurdish people have invested in the re-shaping of borders in the Middle East and the stopping of ISIS or the Islamic State?

Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, President of the Kurdistan National Assembly, joins Tamar from Washington D.C. and gives a background of who the Kurdish People are, and that their belief in Islam differs from the Arab nations'.  Dr. Sherkoh explains that the USA has no strategy for fighting the Islamic State, are allying with the wrong partners and that the USA and International Community would be better off supporting and arming the Kurds in their fight against the Islamic State.  Check out their website at:  http://kurdnas.com/en/
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