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Audio: Keeping up with your US taxes and Walking Israel

Interviews with Chaim Korn, CPA and Rabbi Aryeh Leifert, Tour Guide.
8/20/2014, 7:36 PM

A7 Radio's "ALIYAH TIME!" with David&Hillel
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Join us as we speak Chaim Korn; a US, CPA as we discuss the fact that olim from America have an annual US tax filing requirement, even if no US income taxes are due. Also we will discuss some aspects of the self-employment tax that free-lancers are obligated to pay, even if all their free lance income is Israeli based. Chaim will also tell us about his community of Ginot Shomron/Karne Shomron.
We will also talk with Rabbi Aryeh Leifert tour guide with Walking Israel, From Teaneck, was assistant Pulpit Rabbi of a congregation in San Antonio, TX, Rabbi Leifert and family made aliyah 5 years ago. Aryeh will tell us about some interesting sites in the Golan.

Aliyah Time me is hosted by David Lev and Hillel Levin & friends. David Lev is the founder and Director of the Aliyah Magazine and he also has a blog on Arutz Sheva entitled: Aliyah Blog. Hillel Levin has been helping new immigrants to Israel for years and together they make a powerful team. They present information regarding making aliyah including purchasing real estate, joining the army, obtaining employment and positive inspiration and an English flair. The podcast airs every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio's English language live streaming audio feed.
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