Audio: Winning the Battle, Losing the Peace

Why is it that Israel wins battles, but never wins peace?
8/17/2014, 8:16 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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"Did Israel fight this war properly?"
"Why does it seem that the terrorists are always calling the shots?"
"Why is it that Israel wins the battles, but loses the peace?"
Also, guests from Israel talk about the situation and what can and should be done.

Also, marriages and relationships need constant tending, especially during war time.  

Susan Barth, founder of the Together in Happiness, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to advance marriage education (for all ages) in Israel, joins Tamar and talks about an upcoming wine and cheese evening in Jerusalem.  For details, visit the website:

Shifra Hoffman joins us and talks about the importance of ending the war decisively and quickly.

Zamira, a listener calls in to tell us about Hindus in India staging the biggest ever show of solidarity in support of Israel in India, and also anywhere in the world, where more than 20 thousand people raised their voices against the continuous rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas and against international terrorism at large.  Check out her blog post about it at International Freedom Equality
Also, Dr. Martin Sherman, Director of the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies,  joins Tamar and talks about the leadership of Israel and its mistakes when handling the war in Gaza and its negotiations for a ceasefire.  He describes it most excellently in his latest article: Have we all gone completely mad???!!!!  
Lastly, Rani Levy, former IDF soldier and adviser to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as well as author of the book: Land for Peace, a Century of Failure, comes on the show and gives Tamar a different look form a different angle, on why a ceasefire with the Hamas that PM Netanyahu is in negotiations for, may not be such a terrible idea.  Some sparks fly as the two debate the issue!  Don't miss this electric show!
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