Audio: Tamar Reports From the South While Under Missile Fire

Tamar barely gets her show started due to the barrage of sirens interrupting her broadcast
8/10/2014, 8:36 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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Tamar is down south in the beautiful resort city of Ashkelon, filled with biblical and ancient history, ...and under present rocket fire. Hear how she can barely start her show due to the massive barrage of rockets she, and a several thousands of other Israelis, were under 'real time', and where Tamar herself had to leave the mic to go and seal herself in the bomb shelter following home front command instructions.
So what is the Israeli government going to do about the continued rocket and missile fire on Israel? Sr. News Editor and Arutz Sheva TV Director, Yoni Kempinski, joins Tamar and give an update on this morning's cabinet meeting, and the discussion of whether or not to go into Gaza and take finally take charge.  
Also, a rabbi in Miami, Florida, was brutally cut down in cold blood when he was shot and killed on his way to synagogue for the Sabbath. Police say they believe this was an anti-Semitic crime.  
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Also, how has the UNWRA become so entangled with the Hamas?  Is the U.N. truly a non-partisan organisation and how can it be trusted when weapons and rockets have been stored in its facilities by terrorists and their buildings booby-trapped and waiting for IDF soldiers to enter it?  Researcher and author of the book: Muslim Winter (History is Now!)
Afterwards, 2 residents from the south join the show and talk about life under fire, and their utter frustration at (what they deem is) the lack of the government's response to the missile threat on its population, especially affecting those in the south.  Hear Motti AKA Mr. Ashkelon talk about his trips to the Gaza belt communities, and 'Adi', from a  kibbutz just north of Gaza which suffers from incessant rocket fire for over 14 years now.  This show will give you a 'real feel' of living under, and suffering from, rocket and missile fire!
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