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Audio: The Worlds Greatest Jewish Music: STONKING good songs!

Stonking good songs that show the breadth & variety of J-music styles.
6/26/2014, 10:26 AM

A7 Radio's "J-Jam" with Adam Mallerman
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Urban influence of Moshav & Matisyahu, Country style with Nadav Cohen's new Chuppa track; brand new acoustic band 'Harmonics', some rock from Metalish; Mizrachi from Meidad, squeaky boys and much more + once again we keep Gilad, Naftali & Eyal in our thoughts with Soulfarm's "Shavu Banim". This is astonking good J-JAM ! 
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Adam Mallerman, founder of Rusty Mike Radio, joins the Arutz 7 team with his signature show, 'J-Jam'. J-Jam will deliver Jewish music, hip, holy, modern and melodic with a twist of news and talk in between. Join Adam's group on Facebook at: and message him your music requests!
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