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Audio: Sacred Travel: Hitchhiking, Religious Zionism and Redemption

First Flowering of Redemption: An Ethnographic Account of Contemporary Religious Zionism in Israel
6/19/2014, 9:19 AM

A7 Radio's "Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast" with Ben Bresky
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Young researcher Dr. Nehemia Stern talks about his newly released dissertation "First Flowering of Redemption: An Ethnographic Account of Contemporary Religious Zionism in Israel."

This is probably the first serious anthropological study of its kind and covers such subjects as: "Hitchhiking and Ritual Ambiguity in the Daily Lives of Jewish Religious Zionists in Israel", as well as dress, music, dance, "srugim", guns, and weekend festivals. Nehemia 's thesis is that not everyone can be fit into a neat, little box or categorized by the media. Do you agree? Tune in for a both light-hearted and in depth analysis on a lifestyle most people don't understand.

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Photo credit: Flash90.

Ben Bresky is a music journalist and recording engineer living in Jerusalem. He hosts The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast interviewing a wide range of Jewish and Israeli musicians from Carlebach to klezmer, from hasidic to trance. For full archives visit http://IsraelBeat.blogspot.com
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