Audio: Show Host Debates Christian Listener Live on the Air

Tovia Singer is the guest on this no-holds-barred show as Christian listeners call in with serious religious questions.
6/13/2014, 11:17 AM

A7 Radio's "Is It Prophecy?" with Ari Louis
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Part 1:

Ari interviews Rabbi Tovia Singer, the founder of Outreach Judaism and a fellow Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio show host about the concept of the Messiah among the non-Jews. Why are so many Gentiles now intrigued about Judaism? Does it signal the birth-pangs of the coming to the final Redemption? Plus, Tovia discusses his speaking tour and lecture series in Indonesia to meet with the local community. 

Part 2:

A Christian listener calls the show and tells Ari that "Jesus healed her" and pontificates if the Pope is an "enemy of the Jewish people." Tune in to hear Ari's response. A caller from America asks Ari whether he would admire Adolph Hitler because he "stood by his beliefs." And Ari challenges fans in the chat room live on air.

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Ari Louis is a Jerusalem-based radio announcer and founder of Israel Sports Radio who started his broadcasting career at the age of 16. He founded the campus branch of Chabad at Arizona State University, served on the board of the local Hillel and was vice president of ASU for Israel. He studied at Aish HaTorah yeshiva and Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem and currently learns at the Emek Learning Center. The "Is It Prophecy?" podcast explores the possible correlations between current events and ancient scripture. It airs live every Thursday night at midnight US Eastern Time / Friday mornings from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Israel time on
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