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Audio: "Call of the Shofar" Controversy, Empty Nesters & More

"Now that the kids are out of the house, what will we talk about? Plus, weighing in on a popular Jewish workshop.
5/12/2014, 9:28 AM

A7 Radio's "The Shea Hecht Show" with Rabbi Shea Hecht
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Rabbi Shea Hecht answers your calls and emails regarding personal issues.

Part 1:

Call of the Shofar workshops and retreats have reportedly helped many within Jewish framework. But some claim they use a few "cult-like" tendencies. What is the attraction to such groups and how can we get in touch with a sense of fulfillment in a healthy way? Rabbi Shea weighs in.

Part 2:

"Empty nesters" are parents whose children have now left the house. Many husbands and wives many be thinking, "now that there's no kids around, what are we going to talk about?" Tune in for some tips on maintaining a truly close relationship. In marriage, don't be right, be bright.

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Rabbi Shea Hecht is Chairman of the Board at the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education and Dean of Hadar Hatorah School for College Youth, as well as a lecturer at the Ivy League Torah Study Program. He co-founded the Ari Program, an innovative school for at-risk kids. He is the author of the popular book Confessions of a Jewish Cultbuster. He hosts a live call-in show on questions for family related issues, personal problems and more. Sundays 5pm Israel / 10am US Eastern. Call in live: AUSTRALIA 1-800-835-422 UNITED KINGDOM 0808-134-9971 USA/CANADA 1-888-780-2425 ISRAEL (local) 02-997-2425 (not toll free) ANYWHERE ELSE +972-2-997-2425 (not toll free)
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