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Audio: "Shipping and the Palestinian Chameleon"

One thing seems to be constant, Arab intransigence no matter how you 'dress' it.
3/12/2014, 12:27 PM

A7 Radio's "News & Call-In with Tamar Yonah" with Tamar Yonah
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Israeli intelligence gets wind that Iran is sending a shipment filled with missiles and other deadly weapons to the Hamas in Gaza, what do Israelis think about that after hauling the ship and its contents into the city of Eilat? 
Also, when it comes to peace talks and the 2 State Solution, Mahmoud Abbas changes into a chameleon, saying one thing in English, and an entirely different thing in Arabic.  One thing seems to be constant: Arab intransigence no matter how you 'dress' it.  So how should Israel react?  Arab researcher, Walid Shoebat and 'Dan, the Guy Who Works With Leftists' both join Tamar for these top news stories.

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Tamar Yonah is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.  Her father survived the Nazi brutalities and after liberation, made his way to the shores of the British Palestine Mandate, where again fighting for his survival, fought in Israel's war of Independence. This made a great impression on her life and she too has been fighting for Israel by serving in the Israeli army & air force, and afterwards by becoming an activist for Israel and the Jewish nation.  She has been a vocal beacon of light since beginning a prolific career in radio. She hosts The Tamar Yonah Show - Israel's most popular English language radio talk show.  She also writes a biting and sometimes humorous, award winning blog that discusses current events, religion and politics. www.israelnationalnews.com/Blogs/Blog.aspx/3#   You can email Tamar at:  Tamar@IsraelNationalRadio.com
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