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Audio: Live Coverage of Massive Hareidi Rally EVERYONE is Talking About

Hareidim and others take to the streets in a MASSIVE prayer rally. Live coverage from the scene and your phone calls.
3/2/2014, 5:34 PM

A7 Radio's "News & Call-In with Tamar Yonah" with Tamar Yonah
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The Hareidi demonstration that EVERYONE is talking about which filled up the streets of Jerusalem. Are you for it or against it?

On this show, you get a LIVE report from the massive rally taking place in Jerusalem against the Hareidi draft that some Members of Knesset want to enforce. Are you for drafting Torah students or against?  Natan Epstein and Elisha Mendelson  were both at the massive rally reporting from different areas, and give us a LIVE report.  Also, concerned listeners call in and share their feelings on this hot issue.
Shifra Hoffman says that the demonstration in Jerusalem not to have to go to the army, is a disgrace.  More listeners call into the show and weigh in on the issue.

I.Q. Al Rassooli talks about Turkey and the Arabs, and the status of the Ukraine today.

Afterwards, we focus on these questions: Who has sovereignty over the holiest place in the world?  Also, will Israel protect the rights of Jews to worship on the Temple Mount? Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute, and Host of Arutz Sheva, Israel National Radio's TEMPLE TALK, joins us and tells us what is happening on the Holy Mount.

INN News editor, Tova Dvorin gives us news updates on the Jerusalem rally and what is happening in the Ukraine.

Sharon Dobuler Katz comes on and talks about an all-women show called Dames of the Dance, which will be coming to Jerusalem this week! A show filled with jazz, hip-hop, break dance, ballet, modern dance, tap dance, folk dance, and more. Show is for women only, and will premier Wednesday, March 5th at 8pm the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem. Tickets at:  050 575-5436  Price:  Only 80NIS  -All proceeds go to help Gush Katif brides.
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"More then half of the participants were women," said one eyewitness. Photo: Natan Epstein.

Dancing at the rally. Photo credit: Natan Epstein.

Israeli soldiers of the IDF 'Nahal Haredi' unit seen studying at the Peles Military Base, in the Northern Jordan valley. Photo by Yaakov Naumi/Flash90. **YATED NEEMAN & KIKAR SHABAT & KOOKER OUT**

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Tamar Yonah is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Her father survived the Nazi brutalities and after liberation, made his way to the shores of the the Land of Israel, where again fighting for his survival, fought in Israel's war of Independence. This made a great impression on her life and she too has been fighting for Israel by serving in the Israeli army & air force, and afterwards by becoming an activist for Israel and the Jewish nation.  She has been a vocal beacon of light since beginning a prolific career in radio. She hosts The Tamar Yonah Show - Israel's most popular English language radio talk show.  She also writes a biting and sometimes humorous, award winning blog that discusses current events, religion and politics. www.israelnationalnews.com/Blogs/Blog.aspx/3#  You can email Tamar at:  TamarYonah@gmail.com
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