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Audio: Don't Drink the Poison Tea

The 'East' wants to slit our throats, and the 'West' want us to commit suicide.
12/26/2013, 4:26 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar & Tovia Dynamite" with Tamar Yonah, Tovia Singer
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This week, the TnT Dynamite Duo argue if Bibi will be able to stand the pressure from the international community, and not throw more Jews out of their homes.   
Also, Israel is facing a difficult time, and it has no friends when it comes to the nations of the world.  The 'East' [Arab/Islamic world] wants to kill us through terror, slitting our throats, & nuking Israel.   The 'West' want us to commit suicide through giving up land and creating a terrorist state in the belly of Israel. With their smiles and diplomatic talk, essentially they are telling Israel, 'drink the [poison] tea, you'll feel better'.  What should Israel do?
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Tovia Singer is a rabbi and the founder and director of Outreach Judaism. He is the author of the Let's Get Biblical hardcover book and audio series. He originally started broadcasting with Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio in 2002.
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