Audio: Searching the World for Truth; Discovered G-d on Masada

Discovered G-d on Masada. Avraham Moskowitz researched dozens of religions, only Torah spoke true.
11/28/2013, 3:54 PM

A7 Radio's "Life Lessons with Judy Simon" with Judy Simon
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Avraham Moskowitz started his search for G-d and truth in college where he studied eastern religions and became a teacher of yoga. Not satisfied, he hitchhiked to the Northern Territories to meet religious figures of many religions, and even developed a test for speeding up the search process.

At a conference of religions, Avraham saw hundreds of religious leaders from more religions than many people know exist. Who was the only one who made an impression upon him? The only rabbi present, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. But the rabbi seemed unreal, completely different than any Jew he had met before, and almost too good to be true. So upon completion of four years of medical school to become a naturopathic doctor, Avraham began a trek through Europe leading to Israel.

Falling asleep on a bus brought him to Masada, the historical site whereby Jews lived on an isolated mountaintop under Roman attack in the year 66 CE. Avraham spent more than a week there, fascinated by the archaeological findings and then slowly coming to an awareness of the truths that these findings indicated. These Jews lived according to Torah, and it was a few short years after the destruction of the Second Temple. Following the logical conclusions, Avraham realized that the Torah really happened!

This knowledge did not change his life immediately. Going through a spiritual process took time, introspection, and a degree of courageous honestly with himself.

Also the developer of "Tehillim Cards," Avraham shares some fascinating thoughts on the Book of Psalms written by King David.

Tune in to follow Avraham's inspiring journey, and to find yourself taken in by this soft-spoken but powerful philosophical Jew.

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Judy Simon is the host of the show Life Lessons and the mother of six children. After almost 20 years of teaching English and special education, Judy now serves as the Beit El Tourism Coordinator, and organizes tours of the site of Jacob's Dream in Beit El. Check out Beit El's website: and "like" the Beit El Heritage Center Facebook page: To "like" the Hebrew page: Life Lessons explores fascinating people from all walks of life and follows their stories of lessons learned along the way. The Life Lessons podcast airs every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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