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Audio: Poor with a 5 Million Dollar View! Moving to Israel with Nothing

Deb and her husband started a journey on the road to being Jewish. Why?
11/13/2013, 6:26 AM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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A Convert's Story
An inspiring story of how Deb Freeland and her husband converted to Judaism, and came to Israel with 'basically' what was in their pockets.  It was the hardest thing they ever did in their lives, leaving Texas, moving east, and then really moving east, all the way to Israel.  
They don't know Hebrew, they don't know what jobs they will get here, but so far they are thrilled to be in G-d's land and with their people.  Some would say none of this makes sense, yet Deb said everything made sense!  "HaShem has planned this for us and things will work itself out."
Laughingly, she describes her life here in Israel, living in the beautiful city of Tzfat as, "Poor, with a 5 million dollar view!"
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