Audio: Mountain, Field, House: Changing Perception of the Temple Mount

Hebron and the Jewish People's Eternal Connection to the Land of Israel.
10/23/2013, 7:44 AM

A7 Radio's "Temple Talk" with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven
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In this week's Torah portion of Chayei Sarah, the patriarch Abraham acquires the "Double Cave" of Machpela as a burial place for his beloved wife Sarah. Our sages teach us that Abraham's connection to this place goes all the way back to Adam, the first man...and the road leads straight to the Garden of Eden. This week, Jews from all over the world will converge on the holy Biblical city of Hebron, in celebration of the patriarchs' city. What is the secret of our ancient connection to Hebron? Why did Abraham insist on acquiring the Cave of Machpela? And why does the Torah record the deed of sale? This week's Temple Talk finds Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman in deep introspection on the secrets of Abraham's relationship with this most ancient point of connection... and what this means for our generation of Jews in the Land of Israel. 
Plus: Abraham saw it as a mountain, Yitzchak as a field, and Yaakov as a house... and even as we speak, our perception of the Temple Mountain is constantly shifting and re-defining itself, as the people of Israel move ever closer to building the "house of prayer for all nations." 

This week at the Temple Institute:

WEEKLY TORAH PORTION: CHAYEI SARA: "The life of Sara" teaches us that through their deeds the righteous live on even after their bodies are interred in the ground. The first  person to be mourned, wept for and eulogized in Torah, Sara's death and burial in the Machpelah cave of Hevron established Israel's permanent presence in the land of Israel.
PRAYER ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT: A MOVING GLIMPSE: Two minutes of (brand new) moving footage of a group of Jews whoon Monday. October 14th, 2013, spoke aloud the shema as well as other Hebrew (Jewish) prayers on the Temple Mount, and sang Hatikva, the national anthem of Israel, in disregard of police instructions to refrain from any expression of Jewish faith, thought, or pride, so as not to offend the sensitivities of Muslims who might (or might not) be on the Mount.

Thirteen Jews were arrested for their public exercise of their right to pray as Jews. They were ordered to be released later the same day by a judge who found them in violation of not a single law.
RABBI CHAIM RICHMAN IN THE USA - NOVEMBER 2013: SPEAKING TOUR: THE TEMPLE MOUNT: RECONNECTING TO OUR HEART: The month of Kislev is intimately bound up with the Holy Temple. It is a time of year when the highest form of Divine light begins to illuminate the world. The Holy Temple is the repository of this light, and in these very days, the Temple Mount is beginning to shine forth with this very light, touching all humanity. What is the secret of Divine light, and how will it return to the world? With G-d's help, Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem will be speaking in the United States during the month of November 2013. His unique message will inspire you, and he will share a special report from the Temple Institute along with firsthand knowledge of the changing reality in the Land of Israel and of the powerful spiritual struggle taking place at its heart – Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Chaim Richman is the international director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem which is dedicated to rebuilding the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash). He is a member of the current effort to revive the Sanhedrin and the author of ten books including Mystery of the Red Heifer and A House of Prayer for All Nations. Yitzchak Reuven works at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. He previously worked building Biblical harps and other musical instruments for use in the Holy Temple. He and Rabbi Chaim Richman have been friends since their Israeli army days. They host the Temple Talk podcast dealing with issues of the Temple Mount and the weekly Torah parsha every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time (11 a.m. U.S. EST) on Israel National Radio. Contact Rabbi Richman at:
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