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Audio: MK Danny Danon Blasts Terrorists Who Shot 9-Year-Old

Deputy Minister Danny Danon speaks out against the attack on a 9-year-old. Rabi Ahivod on the passing of Rav Ovadia, & Judean Eve.
10/10/2013, 12:31 PM

A7 Radio's "Reality Bytes" with Josh Hasten
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On today's "Reality Bytes Radio, with Josh Hasten," Deputy Defense Minister MK Danny Danon says that the MKs who this week met PA head Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, under a picture of arch terrorist Yasser Arafat, just 48 hours after a nine-year-old Israeli child was injured in a terror shooting, do not represent the majority of Israeli citizens. Danon continued that in light of the recent attacks it would be "insane" for Israel to release more convicted terrorist murders as goodwill gestures to the Palestinian Authority.

Also on the show Rabbi Guy Avihod, head of the Shaf Yatif Yeshiva, reflects on the influence Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Z'TL had on his life personally and on the lives of millions of Jews around the world.

In addition, we hear from tour guide extraordinaire 'Judean' Eve Harow, on all her latest guiding adventures including within locations in Judea and Samaria.

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Josh Hasten is the President of the Bar-Am Public Relations firm based in Jerusalem and the CAMERA organization's 2009 Letter Writer of the Year. He is the founder of, a service which gives pro-Israel advocates the opportunity to improve their chances of getting their ideas published in the media. Josh hosts the Reality Bytes podcast live every Thursday from 9:00 am - 11:00 am Israel time on Arutz Sheva -  Israel National Radio.
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