Audio: Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Pinchas Winston - A Binding Contact

A post - Yom Kippur / pre - Sukkot dvar Torah.
9/16/2013, 4:56 PM

A7 Radio's "Ask the Rabbi" with Rabbi Pinchas Winston
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On Rosh Hashanah we read about the story of the binding of Yitzchak. But was the real test whether or not a father would sacrifice his beloved son to God, or was it something even more sublime, something that we need to know to truly access the joy of life.

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Rabbi Pinchas Winston is an international lecturer and acclaimed author, having published more than 25 works about Judaism. His special focus is on 'geula b'rachamim' or 'redemption through mercy'.  His website, , offers videos, essays and a his library of books he has authored.   To send Rabbi Winston your questions to be answered on the show, email:
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