Audio: Dr. Martin Sherman: Has Netanyahu Played His Last Card?

Has Netanyahu Played His Last Card? Or does he still have a suicidal one to play?
8/25/2013, 7:58 PM

A7 Radio's "Walter's World" with Walter Bingham
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Dr. Martin Sherman talks about influential voices that, if the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority for two States for two peoples fail, are pressing for unilateral withdrawal from parts of Judea and Samaria as the only alternative to retain the Jewish character of Israel.

But if you rip the heart out of Israel, surrender our Eastern defenses and God forbid lose the historic Eastern part of Jerusalem, can the country survive a concerted Arab attack from three sides?  Will there be a future for Israel?   This I suggest is the most important debate today.

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Also: Hear an assessment of the turmoil in Egypt from an Israeli point of view.

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Photo courtesy Dr. Martin Sherman.

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Walter Bingham was born in Germany. Just days before the outbreak of WWII, with the help of a Zionist youth movement he was selected for a place on the ‘Kindertransport’ to Great Britain. Walter saw front line action during the Normandy invasion of Europe and was awarded the Military Medal for ‘Bravery in the Field’. In England Walter also acted in films including several Harry Potter films. On the day of his Aliyah in August 2004 he transferred his programme ‘Walter’s World’ to Israel National Radio as a weekly Magazine programme and it has been running here regularly ever since. Walter is an accomplished public speaker and was a member of a visiting panel of lecturers at schools throughout the UK, where he spoke on events in the Third Reich. He has also spoken at schools in the USA and addressed audiences in Israel.
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