Audio: Pre-Military Academy Helps Young Olim Integrate into Israel

"I spoke very little Hebrew when I first came to Keshet, by the time I graduated, I was able to hold long conversation."
8/15/2013, 8:24 AM

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Keshet Yehuda’s Aliyah and Integration program is happily going into its seventh year with a new group of “Israelis with training wheels,” commonly referred to as the “American Program.”

“I can’t stand when they call us the American Program.”  Complained a student from England.

A valid complaint indeed… Mechinat Keshet Yehuda a top Israeli pre military academy located in the pristine Golan Heights is home to 150 students, who voluntarily push off their upcoming army service for a year or more so they can prepare themselves both spiritually and physically for the IDF.

Within the main Israeli program exists a small group of Olim Chadashim (new immigrants to Israel) from English speaking countries.  While they are technically Israeli’s or soon to be, they still have a ways to before they can truly enter Israeli society. That’s why they come to Keshet. Besides the top notch army preparation they begin to become Israelis by being integrated into the main Israeli student population. This helps them to learn Hebrew faster, created a social network and get the Israeli mentality. By the time they are finished with the 1o month program they are well on their way to becoming full fledged Israelis! (

“I spoke very little Hebrew when I first came to Keshet, by the time I graduated, I was able to hold long conversation in Hebrew!” Was the reported experience of a past student who has gone on to become an officer and commader in the IDF tank brigades.

So, while it is still referred to as the “American” program by the Israelis and those that are not American are completely insulted when it’s called that and they are called “Americans” they still love the program and wouldn’t change a thing! Maybe they could be called “Israelis with training wheels!”

Listen to Aliyah Fever and learn more about Keshet Yehuda Pre Military Academy’s Aliyah and Integration program for English speaking Jewish men ages 17-20…  Plus… Avraham get’s a hold of a family from New York visiting Keshet and let’s them have it!

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