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Audio: Riding Syrian Border & Rav Michael's US Speaking Tour

Update from Rav Michael Cohen in his US speaking tour, and Avraham talks about his bike adventure up north near the Syrian border.
6/21/2013, 10:10 AM

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Avraham! Don’t you think you're taking your mountain biking to an extreme? The Syrian border!?”

Well, not quite, just a quarter mile away! Truth be told, Avraham's good buddy Shalom did make a wrong turn and did manage to get to the edge of the border. When Shalom found Avraham and their fellow bike enthusiast Shmuel, they were floating happily in an outdoor pool. This pool, fed by a natural spring, was one of the many treats of the trail. The only caveat is how close it is to the Syrian border. However, it is in Israel! “Where did you go?” Avraham inquired to Shalom's delay. “I don’t know, I missed the turn and ended up at some fence with a big red sign!” was Shalom's reply.  “You went to Syria!” exclaimed Avraham.

Meanwhile Rav Michael was running around the streets of New York City. You can hear in his voice that he has home sickness, or perhaps a bad case of Aliyah Fever!

Tune in so you can catch Aliyah Fever too!

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