Audio: Michael Porat… Zionist, "Isrealist" and “I Care” Pro!

Isrealist? No it"s not a misspell. Meet Michael Porat who says he doesn't believe in sugar coating Aliyah.
6/7/2013, 5:00 PM

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Isrealist? No it’s not a misspell. Meet Michael Porat and Oleh (new immigrant to Israel) of four years says he doesn't believe in sugar coating Aliyah (immigrating to Israel).  He is a realist about it.

“I'm a realist, but I will also tell you in that realism there is a lot of excitement for what I do and what I am doing here.” Michael said and continued to explain what he meant by that in his interview on Aliyah Fever.

Porat has every right to be happy about what he is doing. He's creating Jobs for Jews in Israel! Now what could be better than that? He is the COO of a fast growing young company called

Taken from their website:

“EyeCarePro helps Optometrists grow their Practice by attracting new patients and building on relationships with existing patients. Solutions begin with a powerful and attractive website and continue with effective social media, search engine optimization, traditional offline marketing and sales growth initiatives to complete the Practice's online presence.”

While based in Canada part of their business model is to hire Jews mainly Olim that are living in Israel. The model includes work from home positions and North American east coast hours. All a perfect fit for the English speaking Olim!.

When I first told Rabbi Michael about it, he thought I said “I care pro.” Well, he was right, just speaking to Michael Porat you can feel his sincerity and love for the Jewish people and Nation of Israel. He really cares and is an “I care” pro!. He has opened his heart and brain to see how he can be part of a major solution to making Aliyah; and that is getting a good job. His story as he will tell you on Aliyah Fever is a fascinating one.  He is certainly a major carrier of Aliyah Fever, and for sure any contact with him will be infectious and cause you to feel real good!

Don't miss this show! It might be your next job in Israel!

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