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Audio: Syrian Conflict 'TUG' of War

Is the Netanyahu government courageous enough to do the right thing for the nation's security?
6/3/2013, 5:18 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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The situation with Syria has deteriorated to a dangerous level. Will the USA and Russia get involved on the ground as soon as this summer?  Will the spill-over of this civil war force Israel to respond and engage as well?  Is the Netanyahu government courageous enough to do the right thing for the nation's security?  Arutz Sheva Sr. News Editor, Gil Ronen, joins Tamar and pinpoints the ugly and the unstable, when it comes to the chaos dominating Syria today.

Shifra Hoffman talks about the missionary problem in Israel, as well as a ridiculous amount of money being paid to former U.S. President Clinton, for speaking here in Israel.
I.Q. Al Rassooli talks about the recent terrors attack in Britain and Boston, and says that many Muslims should be deported out of Europe and America in order to save it from 'Jihad' - a Muslim holy war.  Al-Rassooli states that the former European (non-Islamic) culture can be preserved if the governments applied their laws, but that he also expects a back-lash from citizens on the ground there.

In the last segment, Tamar interviews Michael Ordman on his 'Good News' blog which lists GREAT things that Israel and its 'People' are doing that help the world!  An uplifting segment!  Check out Ordman's blog at: GOOD NEWS FROM ISRAEL
For archived shows, visit the Tamar Yonah page and visit her award winning blog

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