Audio: Parshat Shelach. Israel's First Failed Aliyah Pilot Trip

This week's Torah portion is called Shelach. It's about the first "Pilot Trip" ever to Israel before making Aliyah!
5/31/2013, 9:53 AM

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Every week Jews from around the world are on the same page in the Torah (Five books of Moses) This week's Torah portion is called Shelach. It’s about the first “Pilot Trip” ever to Israel before making Aliyah! (Term used for immigrating to Israel)

Avraham the co-host of Aliyah Fever was on the loose on this week’s show of Aliyah Fever…playing Rabbi and giving over his version of this week’s Torah portion! That’s like giving your 5 year old the keys to your car! Can you spell D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S?  (Rabbi Michael who usually keeps Avraham from getting out of control was out on the Keshet Yehuda Pre Military Academy’s Aliyah and Integration Program end of the year trip.) By the way, young Jewish men ages 17-20 interested in joining the IDF should check this website out

So here is a bit from Abrahams’ take on this week’s Torah Portion:

“A group of Hebrews was selected to go on a “Pilot Trip” to check out the Land and see what’s doing over there. All but two came back complaining about how hard it is going to be. Better we go back!” Sound familiar? Is history repeating itself?

Listen to this week’s Aliyah Fever and decide for yourself!

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David Lev is a prolific writer with extensive experience in media productions. He is founder of Aliyah Magazine and the Jewish TV Channel, with a focus on connecting Jews to Israel. David is an avid explorer of biblical sites; he is also a serving non-commissioned officer with Israeli security forces, which welcomes potential volunteers. Dr. Sam Minskoff, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Jerusalem providing psychological services to the English speaking community, in particular those pertaining to the Aliyah process. He has an excellent reputation for successfully helping a wide range of people in his unique caring way for individual attention. New confidential enquiries are most welcome. Contact either of them:
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