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Audio: Parashat Shelach: We Won't Get Fooled Again

Bnai Brith Visits Temple Mount. Plus, the Sin of the Spies: Stopping the Cycle of Failure.
5/29/2013, 11:37 PM

A7 Radio's "Temple Talk" with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven
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A sobering Temple Talk is this week's edition, as Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman take umbrage at the debacle of the spies who returned from their mission in this week's Torah portion of Shelach, and set the hearts of the people of Israel against entering the beloved and precious Promised Land. Modern-day spies may urge us to reject the Land of Israel, but we won't get fooled again. Been there, wandering in that desert for forty years, done that…it's time to fix that evil, and for us all to walk upright into the Land of Israel, and build the Holy Temple.

This week at the Temple Institute:

WEEKLY TORAH PORTION: SHELACH: Our generation has been blessed by G-d with the unique opportunity to finally fulfill the spiritual potential of the Generation of the Desert, by fully embracing the Land of Israel. By settling the land and loving the land, and living in the land in accordance with Torah, and by building the Holy Temple, where G-d will rest His Holy Shechinah, we have the ability to rectify the sin of the spies, and put an end, at last, to the tears of exile and destruction. We have come home!

B'NAI BRITH CANADA ASCENDS THE TEMPLE MOUNT: On the 19th of Sivan, (May 28), Rabbi Chaim Richman, Director of the International Department of the Temple Institute, was honored to serve as guide on the holy Temple Mount for a visiting delegation of B'nai Brith Canada. This visit was conducted in solidarity with, and at the request of, MK Moshe Feiglin, who has been ascending the Temple Mount on the 19th day of every Hebrew month for many years, but has been personally (and illegally) banned from doing so by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Read more and see pictures.

FEMALE SOLDIERS VISIT THE TEMPLE MOUNT: On Monday, May 27th, a large contingent of Israeli (female) soldiers were spotted touring the Temple Mount. Not considered newsworthy it was, in fact, not reported in any of the Israeli media. However, they were photographed, as is every Jew on the Temple Mount, by an extremist Moslem organization which posts these pictures on their website. These soldiers were described on the Arabic language site as "storming the Al Aksa Mosque." But then again, every Jew on the Temple Mount is described by the Moslem world as "storming the Al Aksa Mosque." See pictures.

Rabbi Chaim Richman is the international director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem which is dedicated to rebuilding the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash). He is a member of the current effort to revive the Sanhedrin and the author of ten books including Mystery of the Red Heifer and A House of Prayer for All Nations. Yitzchak Reuven works at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. He previously worked building Biblical harps and other musical instruments for use in the Holy Temple. He and Rabbi Chaim Richman have been friends since their Israeli army days. They host the Temple Talk podcast dealing with issues of the Temple Mount and the weekly Torah parsha every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Israel time (11 a.m. U.S. EST) on Israel National Radio. Contact Rabbi Richman at:
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