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Audio: Moynihan’s Moment - America’s Fight Against Zionism As Racism

An interview with Gil Troy, author of the new book Moynihan's Moment - America's Fight Against Zionism As Racism.
4/29/2013, 10:15 AM

A7 Radio's "The Derech Eretz Show" with Rabbi Elan Adler
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This week we take you back to the year 1975 when the United Nations adopted General Assembly Resolution 3379 equating "Zionism with racism". However Daniel Patrick Moynihan defiantly spoke against it. The resolution was later repealed in 1991. However that moment at the UN was significant. Rabbi Elan Adler interviews Gil Troy, the author of a new book entitled Moynihan’s Moment: America’s Fight Against Zionism As Racism. If you are interested in Israel's history and future in the world forum, this is a must-listen interview.

The following is the audio of Moynihan's famous speech. For the detailed background regarding it and what it means for today, download the show.

Rabbi Elan Adler served as a pulpit Rabbi for 25 years in Stamford, Ct and Baltimore, Md prior to making aliyah in 2010. Rabbi Adler received his Smicha from Yeshiva University, had the privilege of being an aide to Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik for two years, was an activist Rabbi in support of Israel and aliyah, and served as the President of the Baltimore Board of Rabbis. During his tenure as a Rabbi, he was known for being an engaging speaker and teacher, never failing to make easy connections with Jewish people as well as the non-Jewish and African American community. While serving congregations, he was appreciated for being welcoming, embracing of all people, and bringing congregants closer to their Jewish heritage. For more information on Rabbi Adler visit http://elanadler.com/
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