Audio: Walter Reports Live from an Expulsion in Judea

A dark day For Israel. Walter is witness to expulsion.
4/21/2013, 9:42 PM

A7 Radio's "Walter's World" with Walter Bingham
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When I broadcast from an event, painting pictures in sound, I am trying to make you feel as if - like I - you are there and living it

This is a distressing, chilling and traumatic sound reportage of a cruel night time expulsion of two Jewish families from their homes in Hevron by 3,000 police and soldiers with hydraulic equipment to break into the building.  Not suitable for people with a nervous disposition, unless you want to learn the tactics and modus operandi of selected units containing non Jews carry out the forceful and inconsiderate removal of peaceful Jewish families, regardless of the ages of the children.

I sat in one of the homes all night, waiting for the suspected arrival sometime during the small hours of the morning.

This is a classic show from 2008.

Walter Bingham was born in Germany. Just days before the outbreak of WWII, with the help of a Zionist youth movement he was selected for a place on the ‘Kindertransport’ to Great Britain. Walter saw front line action during the Normandy invasion of Europe and was awarded the Military Medal for ‘Bravery in the Field’. In England Walter also acted in films including several Harry Potter films. On the day of his Aliyah in August 2004 he transferred his programme ‘Walter’s World’ to Israel National Radio as a weekly Magazine programme and it has been running here regularly ever since. Walter is an accomplished public speaker and was a member of a visiting panel of lecturers at schools throughout the UK, where he spoke on events in the Third Reich. He has also spoken at schools in the USA and addressed audiences in Israel.
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