Audio: Knesset Member Rabbi Dov Lipman found to have Aliyah Fever!

Aliyah Fever, a very serious condition known to affect Jews all over the world and can be impossible to get over.
4/18/2013, 10:57 AM

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Aliyah Fever, a very serious condition known to affect Jews all over the world and can be impossible to get over.  Even those that have made Aliyah (Hebrew for immigrating to Israel) have reported that they have become even more contagious and any contact with them can cause one to get it!

Newly appointed to the Israeli Knesset by the Yesh Atid party headed out by Yair Lapid, MK Rabbi Dov Lipman an immigrant from Silver Springs, Maryland has big plans to see how he can get more Jews to have Aliyah Fever. Among other things MK Lipman is on the government immigration and absorption committee and is planning to see what can be done about motivating more Jews to make Aliyah from North America.

“I view my role in terms of growing up in the United States and understanding on the one hand the challenges of making Aliyah and on the other hand the need for hundreds of thousands of Jews to make Aliyah from North America.” MK Lipman explained.

MK Rabbi Lipman is from a new generation of Israeli politicians. The last election testified to the fact the Israelis wanted something new. So much so, the public opted for less experienced politicians over the more experienced standard issue.

Just speaking to MK Lipman one can feel his enthusiasm and positive outlook for the future of Israel. “I wake up every morning with energy to get things done and go to sleep at night satisfied with whatever I was able to accomplish.” MK Lipman said.

When asked how he feels about his new position in the Israeli government, MK Lipman replied, “To recognize the Hand of G-d in guiding all of this. When I was a teacher, it’s possible to justify or convince myself that it was my talents or my skills… in this situation there is no possibility that I can suggest it was my doing.”

Even with a very tight and busy schedule MK Lipman has managed established the very first Knesset Torah study group. He also mentioned that in every speech he makes he makes sure to mention G-d and feels that it is very important for him to do so.

It’s wonderful to see a politician who knows his priorities and who is really in charge!

Listen to the interview with MK Rabbi Dov Lipman and catch Aliyah Fever!

MK Dov Lipman sweeps the streets of Beit Shemesh

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