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Audio: Ten Reasons Against a Two State Solution

10 compelling reasons why Israel cannot give away land for a Palestinian State.
3/7/2013, 9:25 AM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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The Two State Solution = The Final Solution.

Ezra Ridgley, author of the book, 'Judea & Samaria: The Land of G-d', joins Tamar and explains several reasons why it would not only be dangerous, but also sacrilegious, to give away land to form yet another Arab state! Read His list below and pass it on!
Also, 'Dan, the Guy Who Works With Leftists' joins Tamar as he gives us a humorous look at what it's like to work with those of the 'Leftist' persuasion.


Ten Reasons Against a Two State Solution
1) Security === 300 million Arabs- 9 miles wide. Rope around the neck!
2) Desecration of G-ds name.=== Torch bearers of Hashem.
3) Destruction of the Jewish identity.=== 3,500 years of Brit Mila (circumcision) and 2,000 years of prayer turned into an act of vanity, This is only theoretical, not actual. G-d is faithful!
4) Legally it is our land. === Mandate For Palestine, Levy Report
5) Historically it is our land===Since the days of Joshua no independent people have lived in the land as an independent nation. Only the Jewish people. Census by British Embassy in 1864 found that Jerusalem was 80% Jewish. British began expulsion in 1935 then Jordan in 1948
6) Religiously speaking it is our land. === Received by a covenant with G-d. ( G-d to Abraham…”To Your descendants will I give this land” Also it was a great Hebrew nation dwelling in this land that brought faith in G-d to the world. How can they now say it doesn't belong to them.
7) Morally speaking===They have no right to it because they have tried to acquire it though the shedding of innocent blood.
8) Tikun Olam depends on it. === No restoration to the world less Israel first is restored. There for the building up of Judea and Samaria should be a project of the Jews of the whole world and it is in the interest of the whole world to contribute to this undertaking. “My House is a House of prayer for all nations” If they have a stake in it they certainly can help.
9) Land for future generations of Jews. Where will we live. Arabs have over 99% of middle east lands.
10) A sin against those who perished in the holocaust. It was Arab violence in pre-state years that caused the British to renege on the legally bind obligation to give us this land. 2-3 million Jews could have been saved. How could we give this land to the very people who contributed to their death. It would be like trampling on the blood of those Jews of blessed memory who perished in the holocaust. Who could we give their land to those who contributed to their death.

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