Audio: Meet Ehav Ever, a Spanish African American Jewish Israeli Writer

Meet Ehav Ever, a Senegalese, African, Spanish, Portuguese, American, Israeli Jewish author of a new sci-fi book.
3/1/2013, 3:31 PM

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When Ehav Ever is asked what his English name was before making Israel his home, he explains that his name was Arabic, not English. Though he was raised in a mostly Muslim community in Kansas City, his ancestry is a mixed salad of Senegalese, Portuguese, Spanish, African American, Cajun, and Jewish. As a child, he spent time with his grandmother in Waco Texas who read Tehillim (Psalms) from morning to night. His teenage years were spent searching for meaning. His answers came from reading the book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) as a 17-year-old, and feeling like he was completely understood. His search ended with the Yemenite community in New York, where his studies of his true roots began.

Ehav, who had a degree in electrical engineering, longed to come to Israel, but with little money at his disposal, he had to be creative. Once in Israel, feeling down, Ehav decided to go to the Kotel in order to tell G-d that he was quitting. There he met the man who was to become his mentor, and who told him "Don't say you plan to stay to Israel. G-d is guiding you. Just do it." Shaken by this truth, he set a plan to make Aliyah. G-d indeed guided his way, and he was offered a job in Israel.

Ehav lives in an Israeli neighborhood with minimal English speakers. He is involved in the Yemenite community, where he prays and reads from the Torah. He writes extensively, has contributed to books and articles about the Jewish roots in West Africa, blogs, and hosts a popular video blog. But his latest writing project was much more ambitious. Ehav penned a science fiction novel with Jewish themes (though anyone would enjoy the story, Torah knowledgeable Jews will understand the book on a deeper level). Semi-autobiographical, the novel begins as the main character wakes up on a new planet.

Tune in to hear an articulate, caring, creative person who inspires by his extensive research into his own family roots.

For more informatiom on the novel Masoth: The Joruney Beyond by Ehav Ever click here:

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