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Audio: Hot Talk: Who will Govern the 19th Knesset?

Hot talks are taking place in Israel, with all the wheeling and dealing, who will make up the next government?
2/4/2013, 2:49 PM

A7 Radio's "Tamar Yonah show" with Tamar Yonah
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News, news, and more news! Israeli war planes were spotted in the skies above southern Lebanon. Is this a 'message' to the Lebanese and Hezbollah terror organization? And did Israel already bomb a convoy of trucks carrying weapons, in Syria, headed towards the Hezbollah in Lebanon? editor at Israel National News, Chana Ya'ar, talks about the latest bold military move against Syrian WMDs, and informs us about the new threat coming out of Iran, that they will attack Israel.

Also, can Israelis feel safe from missionaries in Israel? Shifra Hoffman gives you the low-down on attempts to proselytize Jews.

Know thine enemy! Islamic expert, I.Q. Al Rassooli, gives us a crash course on the Quran, explaining what their different sources are.
Additionally, what is happening with Syria and Iran v.s. Israel? Will there be a war with Israel and Syria, or is this actually an opportune time for Israel to neutralize the threat from Syria before they could wage war against us? Veteran Commentator on Geo-Political & Geo Strategic Affairs in the Middle East, Yedidya Atlas, joins Tamar and breaks down and explains the factors which make the Middle East a dangerous neighborhood to live in!
And lastly, today the new Knesset takes its seat, and PM Binyamin Netanyahu is scurrying to form a coalition for the 19th Knesset.
He needs a minimum of 61 seats out of the 120 Knesset seats to form a government coalition.
Which parties will be joining the government with the Likud, and which will choose to stay in the opposition? Hot talks are taking place in Israel with all the 'wheeling and dealing' by Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Likud, to see who will make up the next government
The Prime Minister has repeatedly stressed that he wants to build the broadest coalition possible. Perhaps to have a unified government if Israel is forced to act alone on Iran's nuclear facilities? Here to tell us more about this unfolding news, is political analyst, Mordechai Taub, who is active in the Likud. He gives us an interesting picture of how the next government might be set up, which party will get which ministry to head, who will sit with who, and who won't sit with the other. A fascinating eye on what's going on right now in these hot political-talk days!

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