Audio: Using the Holocaust Against Israel

Terrorism trial continues, using the Holocaust against Israel, and the plight of Gush Katif almost eight years later.
1/30/2013, 1:55 PM

A7 Radio's "Reality Bytes" with Josh Hasten
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On today's "Reality Bytes Radio, with Josh Hasten," an update from longtime Yesha spokeswoman and activist Yehudit Tayar on the Palmer trial. In Sept. 2011, Asher Palmer and his infant son were murdered by an Arab terror gang in a rock attack near Kiryat Arba. In this stage of the trial, the victim's lawyers are trying to prove that a "rock" is in fact a lethal weapon. The ruling could be monumental in the pursuit of justice against victims of rock attacks in Israel.

Also on the show Barry Shaw, acclaimed author of the book "Israel Reclaiming the Narrative," explains how Anti-Semites both in the Arab world, including in the Palestinian Authority, and around the world are perverting the use of the Holocaust and its imagery to demonize the State of Israel.

Finally, the one and only Rachel Saperstein, former resident of Gush Katif, and currently an unsettled resident of the Nitzan "refugee camp." Saperstein says that after more than seven years living under rocket fire in poor conditions near Ashkelon, she along with many other former Gush Katif residents still don't have permits to build their homes. In addition, she explains that around 50 families are stuck in Nitzan and can't move because they can't afford a permanent home despite promises from the government over the years. 

Josh Hasten is the President of the Bar-Am Public Relations firm based in Jerusalem and the CAMERA organization's 2009 Letter Writer of the Year. He is the founder of, a service which gives pro-Israel advocates the opportunity to improve their chances of getting their ideas published in the media. Josh hosts the Reality Bytes podcast live every Thursday from 9:00 am - 11:00 am Israel time on Arutz Sheva -  Israel National Radio.
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