Audio: Irwin’s Error - Anti Muslim Brotherhood does not mean pro Israel

Irwin"s Error - Anti Muslim Brotherhood does not mean pro Israel. Plus a restaurant review from Jerusalem.
1/13/2013, 7:00 PM

A7 Radio's "Walter's World" with Walter Bingham
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One of the greatest friends of Israel is former Canadian Minister of Justice, Human Rights Activist and Member of Canada’s Parliament Irwin Cotler. In concert with UN Watch he unfortunately sponsored the visit to Israel of Maikel Nabil, a prominent Egyptian dissident and leader of the original uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

At a press conference Nabil criticised Israel’s support for deposed President Mubarak and said while he prevented the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood Mubarak also sponsored anti Israel propaganda which is today enjoying free reign.

But Nabil used the freedom of expression afforded to him by Israel, to denounce Israel’s “occupation of Palestinian land”and supported the creation of a Palestinian State. He even complained about too many guns in Israel. Did he ever think whywe have to have guns?

He also accused Israel’s Embassies of submitting to blackmail by Egypt and to refuse the issue of visas for Israel, unless sanctioned by Egyptian Security Services.

Surely such dissemination of anti Israel views to the international press corps was not envisaged by Irvin Cotler when he supported Nabil’s visit to Israel.

Also in the programme a report from my outstanding gastronomic experience in Jerusalem’s Lara restaurant, whose chef Lior Chafsadi is the choice for all the Prime Minister’s official lunches and dinners for visiting Statesmen.

Irwin Cotler. Credit: Yoni Kempinski, INN

Lara Restaurant in Jerusalem, Credit:

Walter Bingham was born in Germany. Just days before the outbreak of WWII, with the help of a Zionist youth movement he was selected for a place on the ‘Kindertransport’ to Great Britain. Walter saw front line action during the Normandy invasion of Europe and was awarded the Military Medal for ‘Bravery in the Field’. In England Walter also acted in films including several Harry Potter films. On the day of his Aliyah in August 2004 he transferred his programme ‘Walter’s World’ to Israel National Radio as a weekly Magazine programme and it has been running here regularly ever since. Walter is an accomplished public speaker and was a member of a visiting panel of lecturers at schools throughout the UK, where he spoke on events in the Third Reich. He has also spoken at schools in the USA and addressed audiences in Israel.
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