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The Voleh organization helps guide Portuguese and English speaking immigrants—both new and old timers.
12/21/2012, 10:32 AM

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Voleh is an organization made up of both lawyers and non-lawyers who try to help and guide Portuguese and English speaking immigrants—both new and old timers.

There are two main groups seeking advice from the organization; new immigrants to Israel and future immigrants who have many questions about settling in Israel.

From their previous experience of working with a wide range of new immigrants, they have learned that the best way to help is by preventing problems. To achieve this aim, they use short articles explaining main issues in Israeli life ranging from bank account management to mixed marriages.

The range of issues raised by potential and actual new immigrants include questions on the pros and cons of various neighborhoods, employment opportunities, complaints about government ministries, car salesmen, real estate entanglements, contracts that were broken, employee rights, national insurance, car and house insurance, etc.

“We have found that with good solid advice, the immigrant absorption process can be smoother and better. With good advice one can AVOID complications, therefore saving time and pain.” Said Tzvi Szajnbrum, Attorney at Law Founder & Director, The Voleh Organization

You can learn more about Tzvi and his fine organization by tuning into Aliyah Fevers Video Podcast and by visiting

This program features an experimental live streaming video cast from Israel Vibes.

David Lev is a prolific writer with extensive experience in media productions. He is founder of Aliyah Magazine and the Jewish TV Channel, with a focus on connecting Jews to Israel. David is an avid explorer of biblical sites; he is also a serving non-commissioned officer with Israeli security forces, which welcomes potential volunteers. Dr. Sam Minskoff, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Jerusalem providing psychological services to the English speaking community, in particular those pertaining to the Aliyah process. He has an excellent reputation for successfully helping a wide range of people in his unique caring way for individual attention. New confidential enquiries are most welcome. Contact either of them:
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